Haha, yesh, I have jusht the shing!1,061
Oooh, shure, shure... I've only got one part left, though, I gave all the other parts away.1,044
Of courshe!1,043
How should I know? I'm only a shimple dwarf.1,042
I've been working on thish deshign for quite a while now!893
Just give me a drink and I'll gladly help you.707
Pffft, I only wanted a dwarven shtout from that table over there.692
Never got to test it, love to shee it shoot a real human!638
Then we've got no deal!467
Oh, I've got a sheed you might like to borrow!464
Here, have the shtupid schematic, I've gone right off my drink now.461
Oh, we've got an expert here! Kelda shtout is delishious!380
Ah, err, are you offering?341
Oooh, jusht a glash of dwarven shtout over there...325
Ooooh, heeellooo! Anyshing a bright dwarf like me can help you with?316
That ish shimple! Help yourshelf to the dwarvern shtout! I mean dwarfen! I mean...282
Alright, you talked me into it.281
Well it'sh hardly a big deal, ish it? We've got a huge shupply of dwarven shtouts right here.279
And a dwarven shtout against a Kelda hop seed? I'm not sure if that'sh a fair trade.279
I'm not shure what I mean.222
That'sh wonderful! You're a good human, you are. Here, have thish schematic and have fun with it!222
Hmm, that shtout was delicious... here, have my invaluable Kelda hop sheed now, it wash my lasht one.213
I've never ashked you for a drink in my life!175
Hahahaha, you must tell me about it sometime!144
Hey it's you again! Didn't someone shoot you out of a cannon?142
Haha, that still cracks me up!131
That'sh very deshent of you, human.113
Hey, err... wait... wait a shecond! Hey, wait!113
How are you goin' to give me back my sheed once you've made the Kelda shtout?113
That'sh alright then, here you go.113
You are going to give it back after you're done widdit, right?112
Whaddayamean? I've only ever asked you to get me a drink once.105
You'll be too drunk to find your way back here!80
Sho have you been shot out of a cannon yet?66
Haha, you make me laugh human!55
Shtouts are just on the table over there, help yourshelf!42