Urgh...I think I may have underestimated you.1,114
Ah, %USERNAME%, how kind of you to join us. Now if you say another word, I will end her right now!1,073
So we meet at last. I have to say, I'm impressed you worked out my riddles.1,066
Oh really? All the dead bodies suggest otherwise. And what did you do to stop them?1,065
Well, I did have this big speech planned out but quite frankly I don't think you are worth the effort it would take to deliver it.1,063
We're going to play a game. Do you like to play games?964
Of course, my love.860
This game didn't involve you %USERNAME%! Now her death is on you! Her blood is on your hands you fool!819
People think you are some big hero but you're not. All you adventurers are the same. Nothing but opportunists!817
Do you like scary quests?793
Who is the Vampyre that resides in South Misthalin?782
Do you like quests, Lacey?778
You have to have a favourite.773
Good, good. And now for that game I spoke about.763
What's your favourite scary quest?754
So, this is the end of the line for you. It is time for the final act. The showdown. The finale. Let's see if you are up to the challenge!749
Sorry, where were we? Ah yes, of course! The game!729
Whether you get hurt or not is entirely up to you. Your fate is in your own hands.722
I am going to ask you one question. Get it wrong and you die, but get it right and you live.693
Then think hard about your answer. You like vampyres so this should be easy for you. The question is this...679
Oh Lacey, Lacey, Lacey. I did tell you to think hard about your answer.221
Count Draynor is in fact a vampyre, and he does reside in his manor in Misthalin.210
But that manor is in WEST Misthalin! I was talking about Count Check! Thanks for playing!208
Hi Bob!1
The humans have been looking for you, they get worried too easily.1
Don't you have any memory of your parents?1
Come on! We can help Bob!1
I'm fine thanks.1
I do hope you're joking. These claws are real you know, none of your bronze nonsense.1
Ask Gertrude if she knows anything.1
Good old Gertrude! Come on, lets go.1
I'll explain later!1
Go on. Ask him.1
Don't you think it's odd that no one knows where Bob came from?1
I'd hoped you would've understood by now that there's more to cats than humans believe!1
I wouldn't say dragged... let's call it a partnership!1
Let's ask Bob!1
We think you are... or used to be... Robert the Strong!1
Robert the Strong was a great hero, you have no memory of him?1
What about the Dragonkin? A vicious race of bird like creatures?1
I'm not done yet!1
Do you remember when you were hypnotised by the Devourer?1
The Sphinx understood how you were hypnotised, it might be able to access Bob's memories of Robert the Strong.1
Bye for now Bob, we're going to speak to the Sphinx.1
Yes, please help!1
Robert the Strong was no ordinary human though!1
Don't tell him you're doing his chores!1
Well done, that's all the chores finished!1
Let's talk to Unferth to see if there's anything else we can do.1
Now what?!1
Nothing, I bet!1
I guess you're right, there is the Apothecary in Varrock.1
I have a few suggestions!1
Meow, meow.1
Theres something wrong with his head!1
We could offer to bonk him on the head with a big hammer.1
Indeed! Bob should be back by now, let's go find him.1
This guy is unbelievable!1
This game didn't involve you KZirmhUESvn7! Now her death is on you! Her blood is on your hands you fool!1