Welcome to my court. I am King Arthur.1,151
Indeed. We of the Round Table are greatly indebted to you for all of your help. I wish to reward you for all the help you have given us...1,144
Indeed, thanks to the disguise you gave me. I arrived back just as Merlin had kicked out the Sinclair children. He scared them off with a few puffs of smoke and frogs. He told them if any of them left their house1,143
Thank you! I was afraid that would be the end of me.1,129
The Black Knights? I thought Morgan did this to me.1,127
Very well.1,126
Well, in that case I think you need to go on a quest to prove yourself worthy.1,045
Talk to my knights if you need any help.1,038
Aha! I'm glad you are here! I am sending out various knights on an important quest. I was wondering if you too would like to take up this quest?1,018
Well, we recently found out that the Holy Grail has passed into Gielinor.1,007
How goes thy quest?998
Ah yes. I remember young Percival. He rode off on a quest a couple of months ago. We are getting a bit worried, he's not back yet...995
Not exactly.987
Go speak to Merlin. He may be able to give a better clue as to where it is now you have freed him from that crystal.985
Ah. A good job, well done. I dub thee a Knight Of The Round Table. You are now an honorary knight.960
Wow! Incredible! You truly are a splendid knight!946
again, he'd turn them all into rabbits.945
You leave first and I'll sneak out in a few minutes. Meet me back at Camelot and I shall reward you generously for your aid.921
He was going to try and recover the golden boots of Arkaneeses.802
My knights all appreciate a good quest.792
This is most fortuitous!789
He has set up his workshop in the room next to the library.767
Back in England, he got himself trapped in some sort of magical Crystal. We've moved him from the cave we found him in and now he's upstairs in his tower.723
We discovered, some magic golden feathers that are said to point the way to the boots...694
They certainly point somewhere.690
Unfortunately, our current quest is to rescue Merlin.684
Just blowing gently on them will supposedly show the way to go.680
None of my knights ever did return with it last time. Now we have the opportunity to give it another go, maybe this time we will have more luck!656
That would keep the fight away from any innocents. It would be a great risk though.543
Careful Lathas. I have seen the horrors of war first hand. This is not something we should merrily jump into.415
Welcome, brave knight. I am always happy to see you back at my court. Please feel free to roam the castle and make use of the training grounds.143
My knights train daily on the top floor of Camelot. There they test their skills and strength against each other. Because of all the help you have given us, I open this training ground to you as well.103
Speak to the squire on the top floor of Camelot - he will explain the rules of the training grounds in detail.94
Well legend says we will return to Britain in its time of greatest need. But that's not for quite a while yet.62
So we've moved the whole outfit here for now.54
We're passing the time in Gielinor!46
Well, the Grail IS very elusive, it may take some perserverance.45
Thank you for retrieving the Grail! You shall be long remembered as one of the greatest heroes amongst the Knights of the Round Table!36
As I said before, speak to Merlin in the workshop by the library.22
...but you don't seem to have enough room to take the reward.8
Be sure that you come speak to me soon then.6
Maybe later then?4