Err Where am I? Ooh! Roasted Stuffed Snake, lovely.1,226
What? No. Definitely not.1,226
Absolutely, I can't let you have sensitive information like that...1,226
*munch* Who are you?1,224
*gorge* You're a bit odd, aren't you?1,224
I won't tell you anything - and neither will the three monkeys, I made sure of that. I can't have any monkey knowing about it.1,223
NO! Now go away and leave me in peace.1,221
*stuff* That's a lie, no definitely not. Well maybe.1,219
N, Nnnnn..... nghghghnmnmn ... Yes there is a spell.1,219
Absolutely No... Nerrrrnnnn...Oh, go on then.1,216
Well, it will take a while to explain...1,216
Yes, yes, of course.1,207
Oh that's alright - it could have been worse - you could have asked me to marry you.1,207
Anyway, it seems you have done me a favour. Though I'm a bit confused about what went on here.1,205
Mmmm, I'm sure I can detect the delicate aroma of Tchiki Monkey nuts, and the sweet perfume of Red Bananas, all slowly caramelised on hot rocks.1,149
Hello stranger, what can I do for you?757
Hello ambassador, what can I do for you?512
We are still pondering your proposition...We will let you know when we have an answer...272
Go away, I have nothing further to say to you!146
Hello again, Can I do anything for you?41
Well, enjoy the Island.37