No! We're - I mean, it's - far too powerful!6
Shut up, you idiot!5
We're the top monster of all Gielinor!4
Kalphite Queen? What's that?4
An insect?4
And even if this Kalphite Queen is real, which I doubt, second best isn't bad, is it?4
Now then, how do you know you're not just making all these monsters up to demoralise us?4
Don't be silly! It's obvious that I am!4
It doesn't matter. I'm the strongest, cleverest, and most attractive. Whatever it is, I am the most of it!4
Good point. What is it you were going to say? Because if it's something good, I'm it, but if it's something bad then it's one of these two ugly mugs.4
No she didn't!3
No he didn't!3