Congratulations, human!3,225
Well hello stranger. My name's Bolren, I'm the king of the tree gnomes.1,193
I'm afraid I have more serious concerns at the moment. Very serious.1,192
I'm glad you asked.1,112
You would be a huge benefit on the battlefield. If you would go there and try to retrieve the orb, my people and I will be forever grateful.1,110
Oh my... The misery, the horror!1,106
Thank you traveller, but it's too late. We're all doomed.1,106
They came in the night. I don't know how many, but enough.1,106
Khazard troops. They slaughtered anyone who got in their way. Women, children, my wife.1,103
They took the other orbs, now we are defenceless.1,103
They headed north of the stronghold. A warlord carries the orbs.1,101
Thank you. The battlefield is to the north of the maze. Commander Montai will inform you of their current situation.1,086
You are brave, but this task will be tough even for you. I wish you the best of luck. Once again you are our only hope.1,081
You made it back! Do you have the orbs?1,077
Hooray, you're amazing. I didn't think it was possible but you've saved us.1,074
The spirit tree has looked over us for centuries. Now we must pay our respects.1,074
Now at last my people are safe once more. We can live in peace again.1,071
You are modest brave traveller.1,070
The tree has many other powers, some of which I cannot reveal. As a friend of the gnome people, I can now allow you to use the tree's magic to teleport to other trees grown from related seeds.1,067
I'm surprised you made it in, maybe I made the maze too easy.987
Please, for your efforts take this amulet. It's made from the same sacred stone as the orbs of protection. It will help keep you safe on your journeys.829
I will safeguard this orb and pray for your safe return. My assistant will guide you out.824
The truth is my people are in grave danger. We have always been protected by the Spirit Tree. No creature of dark can harm us while its three orbs are in place.813
That is if he's still alive.790
Once the orbs are replaced we will be safe once more. We must begin the ceremony immediately.764
We became desperate, so we took one orb of protection to the battlefield. It was a foolish move.741
Khazard troops seized the orb. Now we are completely defenceless.735
We are not a violent race, but we fight when we must. Many gnomes have fallen battling the dark forces of Khazard to the North.703
My assistant shall guide you out. Good luck friend, try your best to return the orb.675
Well hello, it's good to see you again.280
Oh dear. Here, take another. We truly are indebted to you.97
Thank you. I don't have any gnome cooks here. I should really do something about that.75
You must have had to travel a long way to get this to me. Here's a little something extra as a tip.75
Ok, take care.36
Hello traveller, we must retrieve the orb. It's being held by Khazard troops north of here.24
The orb is being held at the battlefield north of the maze.7
Ok then, travel safe.7
I understand, this isn't your battle.6
Please, we must have the orbs if we are to survive.1
Do you have the orb?1
Please, we must have the orb if we are to survive.1
The orbs are gone, taken north of the battlefield by a Khazard warlord. We're all doomed.1