How are you getting on, %USERNAME%?3,713
Good of you to stop by, human.2,017
You should look anywhere Glough may have left behind clues of his whereabouts. I've already had my men search his home, but perhaps you can find something they missed.1,441
Traveller, have you managed to find the Daconia?1,332
Traveller, what are you doing here? The stronghold has been put on full alert! It's not safe for you here!1,210
Look, if you're right about Glough I would have him arrested but there's no reason for me to think he's lying.1,198
If these are to be believed then this is terrible!1,198
That's an absurd accusation!1,198
That's enough Traveller, you sound as paranoid as him! Traveller please leave! It's bad enough having one human locked up.1,189
All is not well, %USERNAME%. Despite having had Glough under close surveillance since the events on Ape Atoll, he has managed to escape the Stronghold.1,155
No service such as what you have done for me goes unrewarded in my kingdom. I personally made a visit to the Royal Treasury to withdraw your reward.1,147
It is true that the translation guide is incomplete... Perhaps it would be of more use to go to the author directly?1,143
What!? Who could have committed such a crime? Show me the note.1,139
The note refers to a replacement pilot, we've only had one pilot reassigned recently and that's Lori taking over Le Smith's post as a balloon pilot.1,139
Excellent, do you have it with you?1,133
Have you found all of those spies yet?1,132
Ah, I see that it is written in the ancient gnome language... Perhaps you could translate it with that translation book you've used before?1,128
How could this be?1,128
Agh! We were foolish to allow him to stay here after dismissing him from the glider regiment.1,127
Glough must be working with the monkeys once again. Fortunately, the rest of the 10th squad remained on Ape Atoll after your previous mission, they have been keeping a close eye on Awowogei.1,127
How is the mission going, %USERNAME%?1,125
Evacuate? I think you're overreacting... My troops can handle Glough.1,125
This is bad... I will put the troops on high alert. And... Well, we do have someone else who may be able to help...1,123
Traveller you're wounded! What happened?1,120
What?! Glough?! With a demon?!1,120
Never! Not Glough! He's a good gnome at heart!1,115
Thank goodness. Thank you for your help. Brimstail also tells me that you helped him a lot finding out what was going on!1,111
Aha! Getting others to do the donkey work seems to be a skill that Mages develop well.1,110
Well, I have many things to think about. Why are the Arposandrans spying on us, and what are they planning?1,109
Indeed, that is another thing that worries me...1,109
That may well be useful. Thank you - I may well call for your help again.1,109
It was passed down to me from King to King. It belonged to Oaknock. He proclaimed that only a hero of the gnomes should have it. I think you count as a hero. Also since you have been looking into Oaknock you1,107
Well, I'm sure that your magical research skills will help you there. Good luck!1,107
These, my friend, are the foundations of the stronghold.1,078
Not just any roots Traveller! These were created by gnome mages eons ago, since then they have grown to become a mighty stronghold!1,077
In the last two months our tree guardians have reported continuing deterioration of the Grand Tree's health. I've never seen this before! It could be the end for us all!1,074
Welcome Traveller. I am King Narnode. It's nice to see an outsider.1,073
In effect yes. Would you be willing to help us discover what is happening to the tree?1,071
For now.1,067
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, %USERNAME%.1,033
I..I don't know what to say! How could I have been so blind?!1,033
Thank Guthix for your arrival!1,031
My top tree guardian, Glough, believes it's human sabotage. I'm not so sure! The only way to know for sure is to talk to Hazelmere.1,030
Hazelmere is one of the mages that created the Grand Tree! He is the only one that has survived from that time. Take this bark sample to him, he will be able to help!1,030
Hello Traveller, did you speak to Hazelmere?1,027
So you're officially a member of the 10th squad then?1,027
Do you understand what he said?1,025
I don't have a choice. It would be foolish to decline such an offer, there may not be many more opportunities for peace between our kingdoms.1,022
Rest, %USERNAME%, you have earned it. I will have you summoned when the peace agreement is complete, you should be present during a moment of such historic importance.1,022
This is excellent news, %USERNAME%. Where is Nieve?1,021
Her sacrifice will not be forgotten.1,021
Yes! Excellent, well done!1,021
It's incredible, the tree's health is improving already! I don't know what to say, we owe you so much!1,020
Traveller, Can I speak to you in strictest confidence?1,019
Not here, follow me.1,018
I'll drink to that!1,015
Please accept this gift as a token of our gratitude for your services to our people.1,013
It should make your stay here easier. You can use the spirit tree to transport yourself, as well as the gnome glider. I also give you access to our mine.1,013
Very few know of the secret mine under the Grand Tree. If you push on the roots just to my north they will seperate and let you pass.1,012
That's magic trees for you!1,010
So what did he say?996
Yes? How is the mission going ... it has been quite some time since I sent you on your way.988
What do you mean 'over'?987
The mage only talks in the old tongue, you'll need this.986
It's a translation book, you'll need it to translate what Hazelmere says. Do this carefully! His words are our only hope! You'll find his dwellings high upon a towering hill, on an island east of Yanille.985
Yes, alright. Report on what happened.984
And what of my 10th squad?982
'We', %USERNAME%?982
Well, now. It appears I cannot argue with that. Garkor obviously thinks highly of you, as do I.978
This is one of my personal seed pods, handed down through the generations of my family.963
Simply commune with a pod and you'll be teleported right here to the Grand Tree.938
Adventurer! It is good to see you again.936
Nothing in particular ... Well actually, yes - there is.931
The tree? It is fine, as it has always been since we foiled Glough's plans.930
Well, do you remember Glough's ship building facilities in Karamja?929
Oh, I forced him to resign. I have now appointed a new Head Tree Guardian, Daero. He is learning quickly and serves me well.925
After you defeated Glough's demon I sent an envoy of my Royal Guard, the 10th squad, to oversee the decommission of the shipyard. They were ordered to use force if necessary.922
I ... I don't know. I have heard nothing from them. I do not even know if they reached the shipyard!919
But I need to know what happened. These are elite soldiers - their disappearance cannot simply be ignored. I cannot wait any longer.916
Thank you very much. You may need this Royal Seal to identify yourself as my envoy.913
Well then you had better sign up for training.913
Yes. All members of the Royal Guard must complete a mandatory training programme.901
Go and check out that passage!896
The High Tree Guardian Daero is in charge of the training programme. You should know where to find him by now.892
Awowogei has allowed us to set up a Gnome glider route to Marim, you are welcome to use it as you wish.880
I know you have already done so much for our kingdom, but could you look into Glough's disappearance?879
But it's not proof, any one could have made these. Traveller, I understand your concern, I had guards search Glough's house but they found nothing suspicious, just these odd twigs.858
Everything seems fine, as far as I can tell... I will let you know if there is any trouble.853
Apparently he wishes to set up an agreement of peace between Ape Atoll and the mainland.822
might be able to work out what it is.820
Oh, before you leave - I have something you might like.818
Here's a spare copy.810
Glough is a threat to us all... I must hereby re-assign you to Ape Atoll, %USERNAME%. Report to Sergeant Garkor on Ape Atoll for further orders.807
%USERNAME%, you must find out where Glough might have travelled to. Assistant Lori may be able to help.803
Perhaps they will have spotted something out of the ordinary that could help indicate what Glough is doing.795
Nieve is the most highly skilled warrior we have here, get her assistance and defend the Stronghold.794
Guard! Call off the military training!793
The first task is to find out what's killing the tree.788
I have received word from monkey messengers that Awowogei himself wishes to make a visit to the Stronghold...787
A reward will have to wait though, the tree is still dying! The guards are clearing Glough's rock supply now but there must be more Daconia hidden somewhere in the roots! Help us search, we have little time!765
To think Glough had me fooled all along!763
Of course! I should've known! Someone must've forged my royal seal. Hazelmere thought I sent him for the Daconia stones!751
Hazelmere created the Daconia stones. They are a safety measure, in case the tree grew out of control. They're the only thing that can kill the tree.749
From now on I vow to make this stronghold a welcoming place for all! I'll grant you access to all our facilities.748
First I must warn the tree guardians. Please, could you tell the chief tree guardian Glough. He lives in a tree house just in front of the Grand Tree.747
The humans are not attacking!746
All the best Traveller and thanks again!740
You have my full apologies Traveller! And my gratitude!736
I'll show you the way back up.735
Welcome back, adventurer.717
The Grand Tree's still slowly dying, if it is human sabotage we must respond!711
On the other hand, if Glough's right about the humans we will need an army of gnomes to protect ourselves. So I've decided to allow Glough to raise a mighty gnome army.708
Traveller please accept my apologies! Glough had no right to arrest you! I just think he's scared of humans. Let me get you out of there.695
I know he can be a bit extreme at times. But he's the best tree guardian I have, he has made the gnomes paranoid about humans though.684
I'm sorry again Traveller!682
It's OK Traveller, thanks to Glough! He found a human sneaking around! He had three Daconia rocks on him!676
Yes Glough really knows what he's doing. The human has been detained until we know who else is involved.672
Certainly. He's on the top level of the tree. Be careful, it's a long way down!668
And so I ask you: would you visit Glough's old shipyard in Karamja and find out if the 10th squad ever managed to reach?665
Please report to me as soon as you have any information.658
Thank you for doing this. What did you find?657
The name sounds a little familiar, but it is nobody I know personally.655
Never mind that - did you find anything out about my 10th squad?652
Do you believe him?646
Very well. I will now prepare some orders. You must convey them to my new High Tree Guardian, Daero.643
This is terrible! The stones must be recovered!592
If he's not there he will be at his girlfriend Anita's place. Meet me back here once you've told him.573
I'm afraid Glough has placed guards on the front gate to stop you escaping! Let my glider pilot fly you away until things calm down around here.570
You will find him attending to business somewhere on the Grand Tree.518
Maybe Glough was right, maybe humans are invading!517
Have you been able to find out where Glough has gone, %USERNAME%513
Please hurry, %USERNAME%. Glough is very dangerous and must be stopped!495
Why yes! Do you know what's going on?381
What!? That's outrageous!371
Glouphrie! Now we know what he has been up to all these years. Gah! Never trust a Mage.369
Harumph! Well, all of these creatures must be removed, we cannot allow the Arposandrans to spy on us any more. How many of these things are there?367
Well find them all and dispatch them now.365
Good work, %USERNAME%, my troops can take it from here. You and Nieve should investigate the crash site.359
The tree will still die if we don't find it! It could be anywhere!310
Good to see you again, %USERNAME%.255
You don't have enough space to carry what I want to give you!167
Traveler, any word from Hazelmere?136
Please Traveller, if the gnomes see me talking to you they'll revolt against me.129
Glough's scared the whole town, he expects the humans to attack any day. He's even begun to recruit hundreds of gnome soldiers.129
How goes the mission?127
Please Traveller, leave before it's too late!121
Hmm. Looks like you can't carry anymore. Put 4 things down and come back to me.118
Hazelmere lives on an island just south of the Khazard Fight Arena. Give him the sample and translate his reply.109
Wait a minute, that doesn't sound like Hazelmere! Are you sure you translated correctly?94
I'm sorry Traveller but this is no good. The translation must be perfect or the infomation's no use. Please come back when you know exactly what Hazelmere said.86
Hello Traveller. If you wish to talk to the prisoner go to the top of the tree, you'll find him there.82
Glough is looking for you! Leave on the glider now before it's too late!77
I just hope he can help us in our hour of need!77
I have given you orders, %USERNAME%. Report to Sergeant Garkor on Ape Atoll for further instruction.69
Get Nieve and defend the Stronghold, %USERNAME%!69
Thank you my son.59
All is well in the Stronghold thanks to you, %USERNAME%.58
Why? Don't worry about him now the culprit has been caught. I'm sure Glough's resentment of humans will pass with time.54
If you're really concerned speak to him.54
Please Traveller, take my advice and leave!47
Hello Traveller. So, did you speak to the culprit?43
What do you mean?41
I'm sorry Traveller but it's just not realistic. How could Glough, even with a gnome army, take over?41
That's absurd! He's just trying to save himself!40
Who knows? You may have to leave soon Traveller! I trust you but the local gnomes are getting paranoid.40
That's enough Traveller! I've no time for make believe. The tree's still dying, I must get to the truth of this!40
Hello Traveller, did you speak to Glough?36
Humans are planning to invade and wipe out the tree gnomes!35
Go to Glough's old shipyard on the eastern coast of Karamja. Find out what happened to the 10th squad of my Royal Guard.35
Since Glough's wife died he's been a little strange. He would never wrongly imprison someone though! Now that the culprit is locked up we can relax. It's sad but I think Glough was right.34
OK. He lives just in front of the Grand Tree. Let me know when you've talked to him.31
Hmm. Looks like you can't carry anymore. Put a couple of things down and come back to me.30
As I said, they were sent to oversee the decommission of the ship building facilities, but I have heard nothing from them.26
Here's another sample, hang on to it this time!22
%USERNAME%, what are you doing back here? You still have a mission to complete!22
I understand Traveller. Please keep this to yourself.20
They would have each flown a Gnome Glider.19
Enjoy your stay with us. There are many things to see in my kingdom.17
I'd like to speak to you first.16
Are you ready to investigate the shipyard for me?16
What?! Do you realise the consequences if it falls into the wrong hands?14
Don't worry, I have more.12
However, this mission is of paramount importance. I shall give you a spare in the meantime.11
Time is of the essence Traveller!8
As you wish. Return to me when you have the time.7
Well, hello again Traveller! How are you?4
Better than ever, thanks to you!4
Perhaps some other time, then.3
Did you find out anything about my 10th squad?2
You don't appear to have enough space to take a replacement.2
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, i love pasje.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Cpt Daerkin.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, I am jinky.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Fluff Mitten.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, pet name.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Death Kronic.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Ca sey.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, piloto- SS-RR.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Plant Source.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Lifeline AU.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, julian 598.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, iron x bow.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Mr Trimbly.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, her cummies.1
Come back when you have some inventory space and I'll give you your reward.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Kaio Kenny.1
What did you find at the shipyard?1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Chippy Alone.1
All is well in the Stronghold thanks to you, Master Byro.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, smol duck.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Di Inferni.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Iron Jss.1
Yes, adventurer?1
You've lost them?1
Oh, it often happens. Luckily I had the foresight to write in a secret code on self-destructing paper.1
Here, take a another.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, D- Sorbitol.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, HC Ostepopp.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, On in Two.1
Here take these, I don't see how it will help though.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Kim- Jong-Rek.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, I Love Bugs.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, K- RLOS96.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Ketsu- Btw.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Gas up.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Jon Ferrum.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, GL- OMEN.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, lo- fi radio.1
On behalf of the Gnomes I can only thank you, Iron Zainos.1