Hello again, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.820
Indeed! I have heard rumours that they have been getting some help from somewhere.788
You'd better find out and quickly. Get on it!788
I have another task for you. Your espionage mission was so successful that I need you to do the same thing again. Except this time I want you to find out more about the bridge repairs they have been doing.787
I have just one final task before you leave %FREMENNIK_NAME%.785
Then why does Burgher Mawnis Burowgar amass an army?776
Do you take me for a fool %FREMENNIK_NAME%? It's all lies!772
Good, good. Chancellor, how do our finances look now?763
... 757
We amass our forces now! There is no time to lose.756
Bah! Don't be ridiculous! He would just stab me in the back and claim the glory himself. My brave warriors will find the Troll King and slay him first. How could they not, they are Jatizso warriors, not Neitiznot scum.756
So it seems that my cousin's plan is to demonstrate his superiority by killing the Troll King. I cannot let that happen! I will not let him steal the glory.755
I should have you beheaded.754
Fine. Take the decree and go.754
Guards, secure the doors!699
Have you gathered the information about when Neitiznot's bridges will be repaired?672
Outrageous, how are they working so rapidly?664
Chancellor, how are the city's coffers? We will need to pay for weapons and food for our soldiers.663
Be quiet serf.652
Yes, I was having a discussion with King Vargas the other day. He was saying some places have taxes for all kinds of things; fur taxes, blueberry taxes, tea taxes, playing card taxes. All we need to do is pick something650
Ah, yes.648
Did you say something?642
Thank you.628
Yes, fussy though Hrafn is, he doesn't care where the tuna comes from.616
So you admit that it was you who repaired Neitiznot's bridges?608
Oh yes, tax those too.591
Excellent. Chancellor, we must have enough money to pay for the new equipment.590
Go to Neitiznot with all haste! The Spymaster will have the details, as last time.582
Ah, much better. I always find the sound of gold coins being poured into the treasury relaxing.578
You must have been brainwashed by my cousin! He is EVIL and wants to destroy me! Jah! Tiz so! Jah! Tiz so!546
No-one has ever talked to me like that before.542
At dawn my men will march upon my ancestor's nemesis, the Troll King.542
You shall inform him that my troops attack the western troll caves at dawn and that his interference shall be considered an act of WAR! Long live Jatizso! Long live ME!539
You will deliver my decree to Burgher Mawnis Burowgar.537
Now, what was I saying?514
Neitiznot's Burgher, Mawnis Burowgar, is a simpleton and a fool.506
Well, I have heard that some call you 'bard' in Rellekka. Your lyre-playing reputation has carried this far.503
Silence! I do not wish to hear your wailing. All bards are charlatans and fools. 502
Bah! Bards are all the same, they never shut up! If I need to be entertained I'll hire a mime; maybe I'll get some rest then. Now if you'll listen, I'll explain what I want you to do.497
citizens we must sacrifice some luxuries for the good of Jatizso, then it must be so. We must raise more taxes.495
His name is Slug Hemligssen, but don't expect him to answer to it.495
Don't worry, you'll find him.495
What! That is not acceptable! How am I supposed to run this city when I am surrounded by incompetence! 494
Exactly, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. So are you interested?493
Don't ask me, it was his idea.493
I suggest you catch Mord's ferry back to Rellekka and then catch a ferry from there.492
You may find a way across the islands, but the bridges are almost certainly broken, and there are trolls which are a bit of a nuisance. The ferry is probably both quicker and safer.492
Excellent, %FREMENNIK_NAME%, you and I will get on very well.491
Oh, there is one more thing. In order to gain an audience with the Burgher you will need my Spymaster's, err, costume.491
The costume is in my chest. Don't forget to pick up all the pieces.490
Yes, well, whatever. Needs must. Think up a new tax.489
Is this true? You are the outlander who has been given a Fremennik name?487
We must amass our troops immediately. We must be ready for Neitiznot's army to attack us.486
Ah, yes, so the Burgher of Neitiznot Island is an enemy of free-thinking Jatizso citizens. My informants tell me an increased number of trade ships have been seen docking at their ports. They must be preparing for481
%FREMENNIK_NAME%! I command you to refill the royal coffers! Thorkel will work out the details.478
that lots of people have. How about a Window Tax? We have windows on the island.475
Your unique position among Fremennik-473
Beer? No that's a silly thing to tax. No, that really would cause a riot. Hmmm, beer, beers, beards. Beards!470
Beards. Only the King and his advisors should be allowed un-taxed beards.466
Well, you had better find a way, and fast! Oh, %FREMENNIK_NAME% you seem like someone who gets things done. I now appoint you official tax collector of Jatizso!464
Then we can finish our conversation in peace.463
Yes, yes. That's an excellent idea. I now institute a new Window Tax. Every building with windows. Other countries have Window Taxes, we need them as well.463
Bah! Again, brave Jatizso citizens, sacrifices must be made.461
Now, more than ever, we need to protect ourselves from the threat from Neitiznot. This is a time of national crisis. Every citizen of Jatizso must bear the burden of protecting our homes. If it means that as460
Do you have all the ore my Chancellor requested?459
I now proclaim there will be a new tax on beards.451
If you don't already have any, you can catch some down by the docks, or you can buy some from my fishmonger, Flosi Dalksson.448
Hmmm. Any ideas anyone?447
Hrafn will only eat raw tuna.444
Look, could you fetch my cat some fish?433
something. Chancellor, fill in the details.417
Bah! Those miners haven't learned their lesson.409
What? We cannot afford to offend the Red Axe traders. Where are they now?402
Another good reason to get them their ore and get them out of town. Get all our miners on the job now!396
Right. Now let us get down to business, young %FREMENNIK_NAME%. Let us hope we have no more interruptions.395
He is surely plotting a new plan to defeat me.383
It may be time for some extra incentives.382
I have bested him before and will do so again!378
Then travel to Neitiznot and talk to my Spymaster. He is still over there. He will fill you in with the details, and you may report to him.373
He's up to something, he's always up to something.371
However, a fool is exactly what I need right now.371
In the past I have sent my Spymaster to 'entertain' the Burgher, and to see what he can find out.368
I will not be kept in the dark about his plans any longer. I must know what underhand tricks he'll use to undermine me. He's out to get me! Get me I say!366
You see, the Burgher of Neitiznot and his aides like a drink when they are being entertained, and their tongues are loose when they drink.363
Now, where was I?361
Oh, the Spymaster is a secretive kind of guy. He will require a password. The password is 'free stuff please'.357
I have a task that requires your unique-353
However, yesterday my spy had an accident and could no longer help me in this task. However he is still stationed on Neitiznot.351
This man has gathered the remaining ores needed by Keldagrim's merchants.309
Do you have a piece of raw tuna for Hrafn?249
Please reward this man for his efforts.234
This woman has gathered the remaining ores needed by Keldagrim's merchants.166
Please reward this woman for her efforts.117
Now where was I?115
I have a task that requires your unique-114
Go and speak with Thorkel if you need to know who to tax.76
Have you finished the covert operation I asked you to complete?70
Hurry, I need to see my treasury overflowing! You have a Beard Tax to collect.66
Well, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!60
Please hurry back with seven coal, Keldagrim's traders are drinking my cellars dry.35
What are you doing in my court? Guards!32
Preposterous. Lies, I tell you, lies!31
Have you collected the Window Taxes yet?31
And your point is?29
Outlander, leave me in peace before I am forced to bear arms against you myself.28
Be gone with you. I have heard enough of your insults for one day.28
Have you delivered the decree yet?24
Good, good. Please reward this man for his efforts.23
Well, get a move-on.20
Good lad.20
I don't dirty my hands with that sort of thing.18
Hurry, I need to see my treasury overflowing!18
Useless, disloyal cat.17
Please hurry back with six mithril ore, Keldagrim's traders are drinking my cellars dry.15
Well, what are you waiting for?11
Good, good. Please reward this woman for her efforts.11
Good lass.6
Have you finished your spying task yet?6
Something odd has happenend to your tax bag. Let's try and sort it out.2
Oh, it's you. Why are you talking to me? Surely you should be hanging out with your Neitiznot friends now.1