Have you spoken to the citizens yet, %FREMENNIK_NAME%?1,421
How are you getting on, %FREMENNIK_NAME%? Have you talked to Queen Sigrid of Etceteria?1,351
How are you getting on, %FREMENNIK_NAME%? Have you convinced Sigrid yet?1,290
How are you getting on, %FREMENNIK_NAME%? Have you found me a pen yet?1,178
Excellent! And now, with a flourish, I sign the end of the rivalry between our two proud kingdoms!1,024
Excellent, excellent.1,022
I doubt I will be able to hold an ordinary pen well enough to sign the treaty. You will have to find a pen large enough for me to hold.1,021
Hmph! You can tell her I'll officially recognise her country as soon as she changes the Etceterian national anthem.1,015
It's insulting! The title alone, ''You're Stupid, We're the Best'', should be enough to give you an idea!1,013
That is all. I wish you luck as Regent. Speak to Ghrim if you require assistance.967
Ghrim tells me that the population would be glad to have you as a ruler.949
That's a pity.901
Oh? Do you have this letter with you?900
No, no. I'll think about it for a while.897
Let me see...896
What was that?896
She, erm, says if I weren't a yeti, she might want to get to know me better.895
How are your investigations going, %FREMENNIK_NAME%?889
Why didn't they just go through the trials as usual?889
Those Etceterian soldiers?888
I see no reason to delay your regency any further. Ghrim, please proceed with the ceremony.844
Who are you? Who seeks audience with the King of this fair land of Miscellania?814
The dungeons?811
The guard by the dungeon entrance may not recognise you, since he was only hired recently. Here, take this scroll to show that you have access to the dungeons.810
Ah, so you wish to look in the dungeons in case these new arrivals are to blame?809
Ah, it pleases me to see such enthusiasm!808
Hahaha! You are bold, %FREMENNIK_NAME%, but then I have yet to see a good ruler who was not.786
Ghrim tells me that the population is not yet very supportive of the idea of having you as ruler. You should try to gain their support.780
Wait! There is one more matter to discuss... a mere formality, of course.778
What did they say?771
And she's even started spreading rumours among her own citizens! Are there no depths to which she won't sink?767
Lying to her own people about there being Miscellanian soldiers... we don't even have an army!766
Perhaps not, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.765
What is it? You'll have to excuse me, I'm quite busy...759
Affairs of state, and so on.758
Well, there's not all that much for me to do these days, you see.756
In a manner of speaking.754
Not exactly...753
I'm glad to see the kingdom in such capable hands.744
Of course, how could I have forgotten?663
You will first have to demonstrate your worth. You are a good warrior, that I do not doubt; however ruling also requires a good grasp of diplomacy.636
We'll have to send people down to collect them later, then.628
I was once an adventurer such as yourself; even while fulfilling my duties as King of Miscellania, I would roam the lands in search of adventure, and strike down mighty foes with a single blow!620
You defeated that sea snake? Sigrid seems rather impressed with that.618
I suppose she has a point there.616
Unless they're the ones that the Council warned me about.613
In the meantime, %FREMENNIK_NAME%, you have managed to avert a war and bring the culprits to light.613
Though I'd like to tell her I'm sorry for calling her a warmongering harpy.613
The kingdom of Miscellania will have to reward you for this.609
Finally... hmm. That's not what I'd have expected from Sigrid.608
I hear that the Etceterians are also grateful for your help, and have pledged some of their resources.606
But at least you've found the missing goods. Do you have them with you?606
Since we're both warmongering fools, she thinks we'd get on well.606
Still, I can't believe they'd start a war between Miscellania and Etceteria, just to show they were adults...602
And the caverns underneath her palace are joined to ours, I see.601
You can talk to Ghrim to deal with those, just as before.601
She thinks we should join forces to develop them for more houses.599
Apparently some of their young 'uns are impressively useless.598
I survived, barely, but I was cursed for the rest of my life to stay in this form. Which leaves me incapable of performing my duties as ruler.591
All you need to do for the moment is to talk to the citizens of Miscellania, and find out what has been happening.574
Unfortunately, I was a little too daring, and attempted to brave the icelands, where I finally met my match.572
You are a member of the royal family, after all, so I know I can rely on your help.567
By Miscellanious tradition, one may not become ruler of the kingdom if one is not part of the royal family.563
Now may be an opportune time to make amends. If you manage to negotiate peace with them, then you will truly have shown your skill as a diplomat.562
Perhaps they are monsters, waiting to devour unwary Miscellanians...555
This is why I am looking for an exceptional soul to be regent of this fair kingdom of Miscellania.551
There is something I need you to do in the dungeons.547
I doubt that anyone with Miscellanian relatives would be at fault. However...542
You'll find the entrance by the south-east corner of the palace.542
Ask Advisor Ghrim if he knows who they might be, or where they might have come from.539
And that's the least of the kingdom's problems at the moment.539
We have been at war with neighbouring Etceteria for hundreds of years; however, I think both of us have rather lost our appetite for hostilities.528
Since you're the regent, you should investigate what has happened to these missing resources.527
I am sure she won't be able to resist your heroic charms. You can ask Ghrim for advice; that's what he's here for, after all.519
They are still being excavated, and the dwarven architects are finding new caves as they go. There have been reports of odd sightings in these new caves.519
I see. Sigrid thinks that now I've recognised Etceteria as a sovereign nation, I'll just roll over and play dead when she tries to invade, does she?513
Well, yes. Of course, Sigrid was the one who insulted me first.511
Whatever they are, I want you to look into it.511
Which makes it all the worse, as otherwise I'd be able to invade Etceteria to save the citizens from Sigrid's depravity.507
In any case, if there are any 'Miscellanian soldiers', they must have come from somewhere.507
And though you do make a fine regent, you cannot be here all the time.506
Some of Frodi's barrels are missing, as are many of Magnus's crates. Leif also says he's had stacks of wood disappear.503
Now, has my daughter agreed to marry you?501
It might also be useful to interrogate the citizens of Etceteria to see what they know.489
I'm surprised I didn't tell you when you were appointed Regent.488
He's a capable advisor, so I'm sure he'll know about any suspicious people.475
Thank you for your work in bringing peace back to these islands, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.466
Exchanging angry letters is understandable, but where did she get an army from?458
So, Sigrid's planning to invade, is she?452
Or perhaps she's claiming that Miscellania is part of Etceteria now!452
%FREMENNIK_NAME%, go and talk to Sigrid and ask her what she thinks she's doing.426
You will have to convince my daughter, Princess Astrid, to marry you.372
I am sure he won't be able to resist your heroic charms. You can ask Ghrim for advice; that's what he's here for, after all.257
Now, has my son agreed to marry you?239
That fool Sigrid! What does she think she's doing?209
Ah, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. I apologise, but I'm rather busy at the moment.192
I'm busy, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. You'd better talk to Ghrim.188
I hear that the Etceterians have also pledged to give you some of their resources, as thanks for preventing war once again.176
You will have to convince my son, Prince Brand, to marry you.174
How is the kingdom faring?149
Remember, speak to Ghrim if you require assistance.138
I'm sorry, %FREMENNIK_NAME%, but I'm very busy. Talk to my son and daughter if Ghrim can't help you.38
Have you spoken to Ghrim yet, %FREMENNIK_NAME%?30
Then you should talk to the citizens of Etceteria and find out exactly what is going on.30
Well, keep at it then!28
Do you have the missing goods with you, %FREMENNIK_NAME%?21
How are you getting on, %FREMENNIK_NAME%? Has my daughter agreed to marry you?13
How are you getting on, %FREMENNIK_NAME%? Has my son agreed to marry you?13
I see. Yes, of course, the sailor would know if anyone had arrived on the island from outside.12
I suggest you hurry up. We can't afford to lose those resources: we're only a small kingdom, after all.10
Into Etceteria?5
And what did they say?5
Does that mean that the caves below Miscellania are also connected to Etceteria?4
Talk to my citizens, then. Finding out what's happened to their goods is most important.4
There hasn't been a Miscellanean army for several hundred years.3
Have you given that scroll to the guard yet?2
You'd better ask Sigrid to write you another one, then.2
I can assure you that I managed to heed that same call, and ruling this land was no hindrance to me. However, I understand your decision. Fare thee well!2
Come back when you do, and I'll give it to you then.2
You'll have to go back to talk to Sigrid about this, Talkur.2
That never prevented me from ruling this kingdom when I was your age, Jiklah.1
I'm glad to have your help.1
You'll have to go back to talk to Sigrid about this, Thorlak.1
You'll have to go back to talk to Sigrid about this, Baldar.1
I'd like to see what she has to say.1