Kebabs! Get your kebabs here! One gold each!652
Just go out in the streets, they can't be hard to find!29
That's still not very helpful. But let me see. There is one particularly drunken dwarf just to the northeast of here.27
Well, he does have a relative who wanders all over Gielinor. Comes back from time to time to buy more kebabs. Don't see him very often though.26
I think he was back here quite recently, so I doubt he'll be back any time soon.26
He's scaring away my customers, he says there's something wrong with my kebabs. Quite annoying fellow.24
Yes? Are you going to give me that one gold coin then?7
The bank is Keldagrim-West. Hurry back!6
Hey, do you mind? That's my property!6
Not really! I have a steady supply of meat coming in through the carts and I don't really need anything else!4
Hey, what are you trying to put into my kebabs? Get away from there, get your own fireplace!2