So, are you interested in buying a ship? Now, I'll be straight with you: she's not quite seaworthy right now, but give her a bit of work and she'll be the nippiest ship this side of Port Khazard.837
Of course! I'm sure the work needed to do on it wouldn't be too expensive.809
Okey dokey, she's all yours!774
How does 2,000 gold sound? I'll even throw in my cabin boy, Jenkins, for free! He'll swab the decks and splice the mainsails for you!660
No, it's not. It may, to the untrained eye, at first appear to be the Lady Lumbridge, but it is definitely not. It's my new ship. It just happens to look slightly similar, is all.494
Nope, you're mistaken. It's my new boat.475
Nope. I don't take passengers on my ship.467
Hey, stay off my ship! That's private property!331
Hello, captain! Here to take your new ship for a spin?273
Crandor? You're joking, right?242
Then you must be crazy.169
That island is surrounded by reefs that would rip this ship to shreds. Even if you found a map, you'd need an experienced captain to stand a chance of getting through158
and, even if I could get to it, there's no way I'm going any closer to that dragon than I have to. They say it can destroy whole ships with one bite.152
Hello, captain! Here to inspect your new ship? Just a little work and she'll be seaworthy again.150
Sure thing, she's all yours.110
Well, the big gaping hole in the hold is the problem. You'll need a few wooden planks hammered in with steel nails to fix it.96
No, not really. Port Sarim's shipbuilders aren't very efficient so it could be quite a while.91
Wow! You sure are lucky! Seems the Lady Lumbridge just washed right up into the dock by herself!74
Oh, there was no particular accident. It's just years of wear and tear.73
The Lady Lumbridge is an old crandorian fishing ship - the last one of her kind, as far as I know. That kind of ship was always mightily manoeuvrable, but not too tough.66
So, are you interested in buying the Lady Lumbridge? Now, I'll be straight with you: she's not quite seaworthy right now, but give her a bit of work and she'll be the nippiest ship this side of Port Khazard.64
She happened to be somewhere else when Crandor was destroyed, and she's had several owners since then. Not all of them have looked after her too well,64
but once she's patched up, she'll be good as new!61
Crandor's not something we sailors joke about. You can't sail from here to Catherby, or Entrana, or Ardougne without going past that accursed island.49
She's pretty badly damaged, though...45
I dunno. It looks fine to me.42
Oh, I'll be fine. I've got work as Port Sarim's first lifeguard!41
Yes, but that was before you fixed it!39
Sometimes you can see a dark shape in the sky, circling the island. That's when you have to sail on as quick as you can and pray it's not hungry. Every year, more ships are lost to that dragon.37
You can't get close to it because of the reefs, but you can always see it.32
That's fair enough, I suppose.8