Ah, Hello!75
To the south-west, beyond Mount Quidamortem... A glorious land where the sun forever shines.55
I'm a knight of the shining kingdom of Varlamore, I venture to Kourend on a mission, one I can say very little of.42
For now, you must accept my secrecy adventurer, for who knows what the future holds.38
Stay vigilant, friend.24
Oh... Hello, adventurer.22
Not great... Can you believe what they've done?17
Are you blind? Look what they've done to the altar of Ralos!15
It was those others, those undead druids. Blind moon worshippers.14
Do you see what they've become? That's what turning your back on the light does. Even as I stand here in this desecrated temple I feel the light fading from me.14
So you feel it too? A shadow hangs over this place.13
My mission is still a secret, adventurer. Perhaps I'll share it with you one day.13
Oh, pray tell, where is this temple?9
I see. I think I shall check out this Ruin. Thank you for letting me know adventurer.9
Call me Astra! Now, I must see to this discovery as it may indeed help my mission. May the light shine upon you!9