Woo? Woo wooooooooo!573
Who indeed? I am a wise Knight of the Owl. I serve the Justiciar of the Owl.67
They are a symbol of the wise. You see, owls can see the light in the darkest of places. Their presence within the sepulchre is one of grave importance.49
Indeed. These creatures have the blessing of Saradomin and the wisdom of ages long past. They are the watchers of the Hallowed Sepulchre. The last defence against unseen evils.49
The third floor... Home.48
Thank you for freeing me, adventurer. If the owls have already retreated that far back, it's best that I reside here. From this position I can more effectively watch for evil.48
Excuse me?47
Hmm... I don't sense them nearby though. Tell me, adventurer, on which floor did you see the owls?46
You dare defile this sacred place? That treasure doesn't belong to you!45
This helmet? It is based on the one worn by the Justiciar of the Owl. You mean to say you fought the great Zachariah and lived to tell the tale?42
This can't be... You killed the great Zachariah?42
Strange, when I saw him last he had no magical hand to speak of... I suppose time has changed the world above beyond my recollection...41
Stay watchful.32
Woo wooo?29
Saradomin's wisest of servants. It surprises me that you've not heard of his many feats.8
I know them all.8
Of course. Do you see the foliage around you, adventurer?8
For it to be in such a state means that there is unimaginable evil nearby. These plants were grown personally by Zachariah, the Justiciar of the Owl.8
Anything he plants blossoms with unimaginable vigour. You may have noticed that he has a love for lilies. Perhaps he knew they'd serve multiple purposes in a place like this.8
If you do, send my regards.8
I'm but a loyal watcher, that is all.8
So, was there anything else?8