Woo? Woo wooooooooo!564
I am a holy Knight of the Unicorn. I served under the Archpriest of this place who himself served under the Justiciar of the Unicorn.96
The title of knight perhaps has a different meaning to you adventurer. In fact, all of the knights of my order are priests who serve under Saradomin.90
Not at all. We also provided these rites for all the citizens of Hallowvale. They were mostly laid to rest on the first two floors.84
The Justiciar of the Unicorn? Why this title is only bestowed upon the holiest priest of Saradomin.78
During my life, I spent my time here consecrating the fallen followers of holy Saradomin. I would perform their final rites before laying them to rest within this place.77
That saddens me greatly. I do hope that he is still carrying out Saradomin's will.72
I see. Did you say Darkmeyer? An interesting name, especially when this region is so bright and full of life.69
The statue in the north east of this room was created in his likeness when the place was built. I must say though, it does concern me that this is the first you've heard of him and his feats.67
Hmm, interesting. I wish I could see for myself but unfortunately, I am unable to leave this place. I do wonder if this new 'management' is the reason my spirit did not pass on to the afterlife.67
I fear you may be right adventurer. The last instruction I was given was to help protect this place from invaders by placing magical enchantments on the statues within.66
It's not like I have any use for my stuff anymore. Thanks adventurer, your words do lighten my spirits somewhat.66
The justiciar I followed would spread the teachings of Saradomin everywhere he went, converting the masses to our religion.65
Anyway, do tell me adventurer, what brings you to the Hallowed Sepulchre?63
When I was alive this place was known as Hallowvale. Do you know why the queen decided to change the name?58
I admit, I never dared ask who or what we were protecting it from.57
You dare defile this sacred place? That treasure doesn't belong to you!56
Woo wooo!29