Woo? Woo wooooooooo!550
Me? I am a Knight of the Wolf. I serve the fierce Justiciar of the Wolf!90
Aye, the most loyal and fiercest of Saradomin's followers! We are the bastion against all that is evil.88
You haven't heard of...64
There was this time a great evil swept over Hallowvale...62
I was hoping you could tell me... Ah, the white wolf we called her... For she had the brightest hair you'd ever seen. A silver so bright it could blind. Some said she had icyene blood, but those close to her knew better.62
She's the fiercest tactician this side of the river! It was my greatest honour when she bestowed a wolfen faceguard upon me. We went on to fight side by side in many battles!61
Close enough. The white wolf was but a mere human, albeit with astounding prowess on the battlefield... She vied for Saradomin's attention the most out of all the justiciars.61
The what?60
No, don't be so ridiculous. As I was saying... A great evil...60
Ah, well... She always wanted to be stronger and never seemed happy with what she had. There was always more.59
It was unlike any other creature we'd ever heard of. By all accounts of those who had come across it, it was incredibly deadly.58
These folk, they tend to exaggerate. It wasn't until the nobles started spreading word of its ghoulish features, each more horrible than the last...57
Well, we made short work of it. That is what we do.57
With a big sword of course!57
That was when we took an interest in killing the thing. We are Knights of the Wolf after all! Our duty is to eradicate all evil.56
It does the job! Once we had shown the head of the beast to the masses, talk of the Egregore soon died down. At least... for a while.56
You dare defile this sacred place? That treasure doesn't belong to you!54
Yes. It was strange... As soon as the small folk had forgotten about the Egregore, rumours started to arise that it had returned. And so it had! That was the nature of this beast.54
Does the Egregore still haunt these lands, human?54
The common folk called it the Egregore. They said it could shift and change shape at a moments notice into creatures from the deepest abyss...54
Then you must assume we were quite successful! At least by the time of my passing, the beast hadn't returned. Although, who knows? It could have taken any form by now.53
Your humour is wasted on me.53
Was there anything else you wanted?53
Talons as sharp as runite, fire-breath, mind reading abilities... Worst of all though, they said it couldn't be killed!52
I do hope that she found peace after it all. Saradomin knows she deserved it...52
How many years have passed, adventurer?51
May the light of Saradomin guide you, adventurer.45
Woo wooo?18