You win, I will call off the attack.1,630
What you do here, human?1,585
Alliance? We plan to crush the hairy little men as soon as the humans are gone!1,583
Ah, this food thinks it's a brave one, this will be fun!1,401
Wait! Maybe battle to death is too much...1,290
Here's the game, I kill you, we help little hairy men kill all the humans. You kill me, we call off the attack.1,069
You are a brave one, human!535
What you do here, human? Get out of my sight!248
Humans are all so weak! There is nothing you can offer us to stop the attack!134
I am Kob, mightiest of the troll generals!8
Hurry before I get hungry!7
Maybe human not as brave as Kob thinks!1