Hello adventurer. We seem to have a bit of an issue ahead of us. The bridge is up and I can't see another way across.1,287
I'm afraid not. This is the furthest I've ever been. It does look like someone was here before us though, there's the remains of a camp.1,286
That I am adventurer. King Lathas told me to expect you. I assume he has told you our goal?1,163
These caves are different... There is a darkness in there unlike any other. You can feel it as you wind your way round the stalagmites... an icy chill that penetrates the very fabric of your being...1,162
I have. I didn't go far though, nor did I stay for long. People change in these caves...1,162
Ah, you've arrived. We've been waiting for you.1,155
There's plenty more cloth by the fire. I also found the remains of a book...1,135
Hello there. I have some food here if you need some.1,050
Very well adventurer. Head on in when you're ready. You'll soon come to a bridge, I will catch up with you there.1,038
Leave? But this is my home now. Home with my lord. He talks to me, he's my friend.977
Not now, we're all the same down here. There's just you and those dwarves left.962
Foolish dwarves, still believing that they can resist. No one resists Iban.956
I had a look through their things and found some cloth along with the charred remains of some arrows.945
Adventurer, where am I? I can't remember a thing!934
What? Of course, the voices... But they've stopped. What happened?934
You've done well! Thank you for saving me.933
I see. Well we must now inform the king. Follow me, I'll lead you out.932
Head south and through the tunnel. You'll find the dwarves at the other end. Go slay them. Slay them for our lord!908
No problem.810
You could help! Deep down you know you want it! I know you already dealt with those Paladins. Now you just need to kill the dwarves!764
Do you hear them? The voices tell me things.743
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.740
So many paths to choose... Here we must all take our own path.732
But what about you, adventurer? Did the voices not affect you?717
Hello %USERNAME%. How's things?670
Good to hear.654
Hello adventurer, how's things?550
I'm good... just keeping an eye out.536
The voices, they've been telling me things...507
Don't be friend. Anyway, do you know the definition of insanity?495
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting things to change.485
It seems to be written by the adventurer Randas. Have a look.460
I spent years doing the same thing, day in and day out. I always wanted more but I never got it. Now, I finally see why...417
You see, once I was insane. But now... now I am finally free...390
Hello adventurer. Have you found the way across yet?387
I'm afraid not. It's possible that whoever was here before left something of use behind though. I had a look through their things and found some cloth along with the charred remains of some arrows.376
Their stuff is by the fire if you want to have a look.276
Nice job killing those Paladins. You're much closer to his side now. Perhaps you could kill those dwarves as well. That would really please him.227
Well... maybe?214
Hello adventurer. I'll catch up with you further on. Have a look by the fire if you need more cloth.206
I remember one warrior. His name was Randas. He stood tall and proud like an elven king...106
No one knows...105
That same pride made him vulnerable. Randas' worthy desire to be a great and mighty warrior also made him corruptible.97
Zamorak showed him a way to achieve his goals by appealing to that most base and dark nature... One that resides in all of us.95
Anyway, head on in when you're ready. You'll soon come to a bridge, I will catch up with you there.93
Within the cave, he heard the voice of Zamorak himself...90
I found this by the way. I guess you'll be wanting it back.83
Always a pleasure. Have you informed the king about Iban?73
This is no time to linger. The King must know that Iban is dead. This is a truly historical moment for Ardougne.72
Nothing exciting, just keeping an eye out.65
I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Only death awaits those who enter that place.10