Carl? What do you want?1,532
How much did you hear, human?1,337
I see. Then you know that I can't let you leave this place alive.1,323
A joker? Your arrogance will be your end, human.1,317
Yes... We shall...1,311
Did you really need to come here to tell me that?1,299
Greetings, my lord.1,220
You're a fool Carl. If you're not careful, you'll jeopardise everything.1,200
So someone's been snooping around asking questions, and you decided to come here? What if they followed you?1,198
No, you don't. Your predecessor didn't want to help us. Perhaps you remember what came of him?1,177
Go back to your pub Carl. I'll have more Bloody Bracer sent over soon. In the meantime, try to be a bit smarter.1,165
Of course, my lord.1,143
We hide it in their beer, Bloody Bracer. They've no idea what it's really doing to them!1,118
It was hidden deep within the sanctuary here. A recipe, for an elixir.1,073
Yes! The ones that built the place, the Sisterhood, they called it the Elixir of Everlasting.1,043
Don't distract me! This formula is highly volatile!65
Ugh, look around you, what does it look like?63
No, human. This isn't designed for your race, it could have unforeseen consequences.62
You can deal with death?61
Wise choice. Now please, I'm working to a deadline here.58