Then it is time to resume my role among the elves. I will go at once.526
I am. I have lived here in solitude for a long time, but now that solitude must end. Where am I needed?522
Baxtorian? I see. Then I have good news for you human, you have found the one you seek.520
Then we should make sure the tunnel is secure. Baxtorian, allow myself and the other elders to go meet with these dwarves.457
Seren be with you friend.37
At long last we are back in our city, our home. Here, in the light of Seren, we can properly continue our path to enlightenment.35
We cleanse our minds in prayer, and hone our bodies through agility. You can join us if you like. Feel free to reflect at our altar, or take to the roofs on our agility course.31
The greatest battle of our time is almost upon us. We should take the time to reflect.17
You can still reflect on the future as well as the past. If we survive today, our future will be changed forever.17
As you wish.17
The road to enlightenment is a perilous one. The latest peril is the largest I've ever seen though.3
That is not for me to say. All I can do is see where this path takes me. And if this is the final step of my journey, then I go to my end willingly.3
I am here to guide, not to lead. Speak with Baxtorian instead.1
They come, speak to Baxtorian at once.1