At last Baxtorian calls to me. I can't say I expected him to send a human, but I suppose nothing is as expected these days.1,138
I will join you in this darkest of hours. Where must I go?1,135
As you wish.1,135
I've been on the run from Lord Iorwerth for centuries. I'll be glad to finally see peace.45
Good to see you again %USERNAME%. Have you come to marvel at the beauty of Prifddinas?41
Indeed it is. I love exploring, seeking out the hidden secrets of this world. But nothing will ever compare to this place, to our home.40
And we are very privileged to have you here.37
Don't forget that death is a form of peace.29
There are worse things in this world than death. Never forget that.28
The Iorwerth forces are here. You'd better go and speak to Baxtorian.2