I am Keli, you have heard of me then?1,168
That's very kind of you to say. Reputations are not easily earned. I have managed to succeed where many fail.987
Well, I can tell you I have a valuable prisoner here in my cells.935
There is no way to release him. The only key to the door is on a chain around my neck and the locksmith who made the lock died suddenly when he had finished.919
As you put it that way I am sure you can see it. You cannot steal the key, it is on a Runite chain.893
You are welcome, run along now, I am very busy.834
Only for a moment then.832
I can expect a high reward to be paid very soon for this guy. I can't tell you who he is, but he is a lot colder now.705
There is not another key like this in the world.698
Yes, I did most of the work. We had to grab the Pr...340
Er, we had to grab him without his ten bodyguards noticing. It was a stroke of genius.298
They will pay, or we will cut his hair off and send it to them.88
That's a good idea, I could use talented people like you. I may call on you if I need work doing.88
I have used a sword since I was a small girl. I stabbed three people before I was 6 years old.74
Well you can think that all you like. I know those blackarm cowards dare not leave the city. Out here, I am toughest. You can tell them that! Now get out of my sight, before I call my guards.61
I need to do a lot of work, goodbye. When you get a little tougher, maybe I will give you a job.34
It is the best way I know. Dead men tell no tales.19
There's always someone ready to spread rumours. I hear all sort of ridiculous things these days.18
You must be new to this land then. EVERYONE knows of Lady Keli and her prowess with the sword.9
Well, you know of me now. I will wring your neck if you do not show respect.5
You should, you really should. I am wealthy enough to place a bounty on your head. Or just remove your head myself. Now go, I am busy, too busy to fight a would-be hoodlum.4