Oh I wish this broken cart was my only problem. sob.. I've got to find my family.. sob.1,148
Would you? Please?1,143
He's been after me ever since I declined his hand in marriage.1,141
Please do. My family is wealthy and can reward you handsomely. I'll be waiting here for you.1,138
You're alive, I thought Khazard's men had taken you.1,129
My son and husband are safe and recovering at home. Without you they would certainly be dead. I am truly grateful for your service.954
I'm Lady Servil, my husband is Sir Servil. We were travelling north together with our son Sammy when we were ambushed by General Khazard's men.862
Now he's kidnapped my husband and son to fight in his battle arena to the south of here. I hate to think what he'll do to them. He's a sick and twisted man.760
All I can offer in return is material wealth. Please take these coins as a sign of my gratitude.738
Brave traveller, please... bring back my family.37
Oh hello my dear. My husband and son are resting while I wait for the cart fixer.17
Thanks again for everything.16
Have you had any luck with freeing my family?1
Please hurry.1