I hear Councillor Hughes has been arrested. Perhaps you're not totally useless after all.1,262
Oh give me a break, you think I care what you think?1,262
Why are you still here?1,258
Fine. As much as I hate to admit it, you've done alright. The arrest of Councillor Hughes can only mean good things for Kourend and her people.1,257
Exactly. The council is clearly corrupt and we intend to bring that to light. Councillor Hughes is our first target. We have reason to believe that she may be in league with the Disciples of Yama.1,170
I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Councillor Hughes' home is on the northern side of Kingstown. Even a fool like you should be able to find it. Don't worry, she's never in.1,170
You are fairly new to Kourend so you might not be aware of our current leadership situation. After the last king died, rulership should have passed on to his daughter. However, she was declared mad.1,167
Anyway, I guess this is the part where you expect a reward.924
This is only the beginning though, there's much work to still be done. I may well call on your help again, or maybe I won't, who knows. Now take these and go.900
It was the king's closest advisors that declared her mad. They took over and became the Kourend Council. They've ruled the kingdom ever since.813
Now get lost.812
Once you have the evidence, give it to that Lawry fellow. Provided he's not as useless as you, he'll make sure that she's dealt with.810
The council is supposedly voted on by the people every four years. However, the seats have been held by the same four people since the council was founded. Pretty suspicious don't you think?808
Go to her home and find proof of her corruption. If you find it, you will know I am telling the truth. If you don't... well don't pretend you care about breaking and entering anyway.805
What else do you want?321
How about you go away then.284
If this is an attempt to make friends then you're wasting your time.109
Whatever you want I don't care. Come back to me when you've completed your task.100
Fine. I was born into the Piscarilius family as the only child of Lord Dalton Piscarilius. After my fool of a father got himself killed on a fishing trip, leadership fell to me.96
You've been here how long? You should know what we do by now.89
My father never cared about anyone. He was far more interested in increasing his own wealth at the cost of his people. Once I took over, I vowed to fight for them in a way he never did.87
Despite my best efforts, the Kourend Council, in all their corruption, never cared to help me return my home to glory. In the end I gave up, or at least, they think I did.85
For many years I used my position to fight against the crime and corruption in this city. No matter what I did it was never enough though. I realised that to defeat my enemies I needed to act as they do.83
To the people of Kourend it appeared that I had followed in my fathers gluttonous footsteps. However, I instead came here and began a new fight, one where I made the rules.82
All people and goods coming to or from Kourend go through Port Piscarilius. This unfortunatly means that we are a centre point for the majority of crime within the city.71
Port Piscarilius is home to Kourend's fishermen and traders. We are the first port of call for any visitors to Kourend which means Port Piscarilius is home to a wide variety of individuals.69
That's why I formed the Saviours of Kourend. We take the laws into our own hands and fight against all who would damage this city, no matter who they are.64
For many years I appealed to the Kourend Council for help in fighting this crime, but they cared little for us. Instead, I decided to beat them at their own game and fight fire with fire.64
What do you want?62
Looking for your reward idiot? Take it and get lost.40
Oh it's you. Are you going to actually let me finish what I'm saying this time or are you just going to walk off again.5
Good. In future you should try not to be so rude.5
Anyway, you are fairly new to Kourend so you might not be aware of our current leadership situation. Kourend once had a King, but he died and left no suitable heir. The Kourend Council has ruled ever5