Jorra! Bring me a sherry.1,647
The human seems a bit lost Councillor, could you help them please.1,199
Oh. What did I ask?1,158
Oh. The human is still here.1,152
Who is this human Councillor Unkar? What are they doing here?1,122
Greatest urgency? I don't like urgency. This is quite simply not on.1,001
Well here you go, have this then.830
That we did Councillor. Quite right. And what was it that Undor needed?828
Yes, yes, wonderful stuff. I think I'll have a sherry to celebrate.794
A reward?782
Councillor, why is the human still here?771
Well I've never heard of them. What do they want?761
A quest? Well we don't have any of those lying around.752
What urgent matter?669
Ah yes, the urgent matter with the Doors of Dinh. Very clever Councillor Unkar. You put the human to work. I need a sherry.664
Goodbye human.290
My plans? Hmm let me see now...91
Oh look, it's the human. Hello human.83
Myself? Oh.81
Ah, I know. I'll have a sherry.79
Oh... No I don't think so.76
Well I'm Vulcana Lovakengj, the head of Lovakengj House. I rule the city of Lovakengj.72
Yes! I know a lot about Lovakengj!63
Lovakengj is a city of dwarves. It's the only non-human city in Kourend.60
Lovakengj is very important you know. The resources mined here are used throughout the kingdom. Weapons, armour, tools, buildings...59
All sorts of things come out of Lovakengj.58
Oh. Could you make them go away?38
Apparently you need a reward or something? Here you go.21
Oh. Could you make them go away then?3