Bah! Puny humans always try steal Lallis' golden apples! You go away now!1,517
Ha! You not fool me human! Me am smart! Other trolls so jealous of how brainy I are, they kick me out of camp and make me live down here in cave! But me have last funny!657
Hum, me think you not really think I are clever. Me think you is trying trick Lalli. Me not like you as much as other human. He give me present. I give him wool.655
It am ready now?654
Your soup very tasty, human! But me still not want trade golden apples for your stone. Me think pet rock get jealous.637
Gee, sorry human, all you have do is ask, me not need you to shout. You act like you think Lalli am stupid or something...635
Hah! You think me stupid or something human? Me already got one! Me don't want lotta baby rocks either, so me don't want another one around the place!606
Stupid human think he can trick me into giving away some golden apples! Hah! Golden apples is all me got to eat, you not get them, no way!604
Hmm... YUM! That are delicious! Me never know human know to make soup out of stone? It some special stone?568
Let me think about that, me like to think.568
Human call itself Askeladden! It not trick Lalli, Lalli do good deal with human! Stupid human get some dumb wool, but did not get golden apples!567
Me find golden apples on tree and me build wall to stop anyone who not Lalli eating lovely golden apples! Did me not tell you I are smart?490
Here you go. Hah! Me trick you human! All you got is worthless golden fleece! Me got very rare soup-making stone!484
Hey human! You not go in my house! It where me keep all my stuff!403
Ha! Stupid human! You no get any golden apples! Even though me much like stone soup!214
Me will sell you some golden wool, but me not sell you any golden apples!214
Me want 1000 coins! You pay or go!208
Unless you got tasty food for Lalli. Then I might trade you for it.194
Ha! Stupid human think he buy golden apples, but actually get stupid wool! Hahaha!160
What? Me am not stupid human! Everyone know cannot make food from stone!157
Why you need other stuff too then?154
Me have to try this! Me will swap you your wool if you not trick me and really can make soup out of a stone.151
Ha! You stupid human! You think you trick Lalli? Me know you want my golden apples Well! You not get them! HAHAHA!52
Hah! Me knew it! You human just try trick Lalli into giving away golden apple! Me not as stupid as you look!50
Grrr! Why you insult me stupid human? Me know it are because you jealous of Lalli's huge brain and you try steal apples!27
You no pay, then you go! You no get any golden apples!21
Well stupid bad trade human don't get no wool then! Or any golden apples!5
Hey human! You not go back on deal! Me know you stupid at trades but that stone mine now! All soup mine!1