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Do you want something, mortal?2
If you want my worldly goods, open my chests with my keys. Adventurers occasionally find my keys while slaying monsters in the Wilderness, on assignment from the witch Krystilia.2
I do not know why Krystilia sends adventurers to find my keys instead of looting the chest herself. Perhaps it amuses her to send people into this land to risk their lives.2
Once I was a merchant. I worked hard and became wealthy, very wealthy. I was brave too, storing my possessions in two great chests here, where few would dare to interfere with them.1
But I was not strong enough. One day a witch allied with the pirates of the north; between their strength and her magic, they killed me. The pirates carried one of my chests away to their ship.1
I keep vigil here now, as it interests me to watch adventurers come to raid this little chest, whenever they can find one of my keys.1
My bigger chest was taken north to the pirates' ship - a brave adventurer may like to raid that one instead, if they can handle the perils of the north. I kept more wealth in that one.1