Oh, thank Armadyl! I am in such a worry... please help me!1,152
Oh... it is terrible... horrible... My boyfriend lives here in this lighthouse, but I haven't seen him the last few days! I think something terrible has happened!1,144
That is terribly irresponsible! He is far too thoughtful for that! He would never leave it unattended! He would also never leave without telling me!1,141
Well, we have to do something to get the lighthouse working again! Also, as you may have noticed, the storm that knocked the bridge out1,131
OH! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know my darling would never have left with the lighthouse lights off and without even telling me where he's gone!1,115
Thank you so much!1,070
Look, you can see for yourself that the light has gone out, and the front door is locked up tight! He would NEVER do that!914
has trapped me on this causeway! You seem to have got here okay somehow, so if you could go and visit my cousin and get the spare key I left him,878
Please, I know something terrible has happened to him... I can sense it! Please... please help me adventurer!855
With the light off this coastline is terribly dangerous to ships! And to lock the front door so that nobody can turn the light back on?722
as well as fix the bridge enough so that I can go and speak to my family in Rellekka and tell them whats happened, I will be eternally grateful!702
Oh, thank you so much!433
Quickly, we must go inside and find out what has happened to my beloved Jossik!403
My cousin was always interested in agility. He left our home in Rellekka many moons ago, so that he could pursue this interest.398
Oh! Thank you so much for all of your help in rescuing my darling Jossik!362
Well, I am not just some helpless girl! I have pretty good agility, so you will only need to use two planks to make a ledge that I can balance along.354
I don't exactly know where he has gone, but I am sure he went somewhere to practise his agility. If you see him, his name is Gunnjorn. Mention my name, he will recognise it.352
Just use a plank on each side of the bridge. You will need a hammer, and thirty steel nails for each plank you use as well. I believe there are some planks near here...311
This is terrible...251
What can have happened here? Please, you must fix the light, we cannot let my darling Jossik take the blame for any shipwrecks!217
I do not know what would have happened to him had you not chanced along this path!170
Excellent work, adventurer!164
Now you can devote all of your energies to finding out what has happened to my darling Jossik!154
Oh, please find my darling! I just know something horrible has happened!77
Thank you adventurer, but I need you to fix the bridge for me. The key to the lighthouse is of little comfort while I am trapped here on this causeway!75
Please adventurer... We are both curious as to what has happened in that lighthouse, but you need to fix the bridge for me!72
Please find the key to the lighthouse for me though!43
I cannot bear to think that something bad may have happened to my darling Jossik...40
Please adventurer... Do not let curiosity get the better of you! We Have to fix the lighthouse before any accidents happen!33
You MUST find a way to fix the lighthouse! The ships are in terrible danger as long as the light is not working properly!19
I'm sorry adventurer, I do not know anything about lighthouses.17
I'm sure there must be some kind of user's guide around here somewhere though.16
Oh... my poor darling Jossik... I just know something terrible has happened...14
My darling Jossik knew nothing about Lighthouses when he first came here, so the council must have left him some kind of manual or something.12
Have you found any sign of my darling Jossik yet?10
I came out here to see if I could find some sign of him...9
That is wonderful news! But why does he not come up out of there?7
But there is nothing at all. I am so worried...6
What?!?! You MUST save him! I beseech you, please! Do something!6
Adventurer! You MUST do something about the broken light!2
It is terribly important that ships coming round this coastline do not crash here!2
What? My cousin is the one who gave you my spare copy of the lighthouse key. Do you have memory problems, adventurer?1