Thank you so much! Would you like a cup of tea before you go?11,662
Don't talk to me while you're in the suit! It'll give away your cover. Here, I'll get you out of it.2,834
All right, keep calm. One growth spurt coming up.2,783
I can't speak right now. I have too much to do. I will contact you when the time is right.1,872
You will need your hands free to operate the suit.1,396
Yes. Let's get in and start observing. You should note down anything interesting the penguins do. I'll include it in my, uh, research.1,186
You can't wear a cape inside the suit, it might get caught.1,160
On the way I'll tell you how I got this great rucksack. I had this paper hat lying around...1,049
The trip can be rather tedious so I will regale you with stories of my duties at the Zoo. Every morning I had to scoop...1,040
On the way I'll tell you the 42 ways penguins can torture you using a feather... 1,037
What? How?1,023
Great. Let's go back to the iceberg, I'll put you in your suit and we'll really see what these penguins are up to.1,021
On the way I'll tell you how I learned to teleport. Well, this one time I got stuck in a wall...1,009
That's what I have been saying from the start! But an entire army? This is just an outpost, so it can't be an entire army.1,001
Still, it must only be an invasion party. The main force is on...well, it doesn't matter right now.1,001
Did I ever tell you about this one time...1,001
With us, you dolt! They are trying to take over the world. Have you not grasped this yet? You need to find that room. Our future depends on it.998
You have all the materials. Off to the iceberg!998
It's probably the most well guarded room in the place. You'll need to find a way to get into it without arousing suspicion.996
No, I keep trying to tell you, they aren't crazy, they are dangerous and organised.989
I'd like my hat stand fixed.983
You're safe! I was really worried for a while there. What happened?973
Yes, yes, you're very brave. I mean what happened in the War Room?970
But what was IN the War Room?970
YES! I knew it! I said I'd prove them all wrong. They are organised and invading. OH YEAH, Larry was right. Who was right? Larry was!970
You are such a buzz kill.968
No, they only know mine. That agility course really stank up the suit and seems to have covered your scent. You might want to consider bathing soon.966
Are you working for them?921
Lumbridge? There aren't any penguins in Lumbridge. Not that I've seen. Where is this 'outpost'?920
They're organised little devils. Don't underestimate them.920
I think you can be trusted. What do you know about...906
Have you got the equipment?900
Would you like to learn more about them? I'm conducting a, uh, research project, to, uh, learn about their social habits in their natural environment.899
Well, I need to build a shelter to hide from view, and it's always useful to have an extra pair of eyes, you know, for, uh, observing...Penguins.894
They are?882
What a good plan! I just hope the sheep aren't working for the other side. 882
I, uh, was a zoo keeper here. But, I, uh, am on leave to go research penguins in their native habitat.881
Right. I need you to gather materials for the bird hide, while I arrange for our transport.876
Well, since the penguin at the Zoo is the only one talking to you, maybe you should ask him.854
You aren't taking this seriously! They are dangerous!823
Oh, just go talk to the sheep.803
Look, here come two penguins now.783
EVIL. I mean, how fascinating.759
I've been doing some research of my own, and I think I know what our next step should be. There's a secret room, deep in the glacier. I think that is where they are making their war plans.750
I knew it. I knew they were up to something! Did you see that? They were patrolling!749
That thing is an arm?748
Well, yes, I'm sure you've transported your arm every time you've used my boat. Isn't it always attached to the rest of your body?744
You take your arm out to places? And what the heck is THAT?725
I'd like my clock fixed.718
As for our next move, I've got...friends...elsewhere who should hear of this information, but we have plenty of time. It's not as though they made a break through in their research or something.713
Do you have the suit?696
You go on ahead to Lumbridge. I'll meet you there and put you in the suit.689
Boat rides lower my stress level.679
OF COURSE! You are brilliant. I should have thought of that. It's where all of this started. Let's return to the Zoo.676
But, we were so close to finding out what exactly is going on. It's all ruined now. How will we ever infiltrate them if there are none around to infiltrate?673
Look what they did to the bird hide! It's completely destroyed! The savages. The penguins are on to us.672
We need to get closer to the penguins. Infiltrate them. Learn what they are doing.667
I'd like a Mahogany table built.665
We can't discuss it here; there are too many spies. Let's leave the iceberg and then I'll tell you my plans.662
That's perfect. You are a very skilled crafter. Now we must return to the iceberg and test it.653
So, are you up for it?621
I have altered some designs of clockwork toys to make a clockwork penguin suit. We will use this to infiltrate their ranks.619
No! I'm going to use a spell to shrink you down so you can control it from the inside.617
The penguins know my scent. They'd find me out and capture me and...torture me. No, it has to be you.614
Here's the book. It has my designs and a list of things you need to get. Use your Crafting table at your house to build it, just like regular clockwork toys.612
You need to get 10 oak planks, 10 steel nails, a hammer, and a spade so that we can build a bird hide.609
You have to make it, because since I got fired from the Zoo I've been homeless. Thanks for caring.609's permanent leave, and I am doing research! When I used to work at the Zoo, I noticed the penguins doing odd things, like taking notes or timing things. I asked to have my work detail transferred to595
Your arm's arm has a farm... Please make this stop!593
Err, no. I've had a few run-ins since then. But I don't have time for war stories, we need to concentrate on our mission!593
Once you have those, meet me up by the entrance to Keldagrim, east of Rellekka. I'll be there with a boat to take us to our destination.581
You want my boat? Yes, yes, take my boat and go a very long way from me! And take your arm with you!560
I can teleport us back to the Zoo, but you'll have to make your own way back. Teleports tire me out.554
I'd like my range fixed.536
I can teleport us back to the Zoo. It'll be faster.525
Your arm is... a troll? It's really not. I can see both of them. Sorry, have you had your brain shrunk into a penguin suit too many times?520
Oh, they act like they aren't, but it's all a guise. They wanted to scare us off. We must be on to something.500
Now you can try and enter the outpost. This is exciting.475
I was chatting with a local farmer, and there is a rumour about a 'thing' that lives around here. Maybe it's the penguins, and these simple people don't recognise them.472
But you don't think penguins are dangerous, anyway. So there's no danger is there? Or are you coming around to my thinking that they are dangerous?467
Oh, no. The ice magnifies this spell, so it will allow you to go greater distances.464
Don't worry. The spell only works if I'm nearby since I have to be constantly casting it. If trouble starts I'll be close by to help.463
It isn't! They saluted and recognised each other. They're organised!446
I'm sure the penguins are behind it. So I kept spying on them and I'll prove everyone wrong!444
When you're done making the suit, we'll head back to the iceberg and try it out.440
I don't care what you think. I know they are doing something. No one ever believes me. But I'll prove them wrong. ALL OF THEM.437
their cage and I was fired!433
Bards? They have bards?388
Looks like the penguins are on patrol again.383
I'm not even going to ask why.379
They are organised! ORGANISED I tell you!376
I'd like two Mahogany drawers built.369
I'd like a Teak table built.346
After I put you in the suit, use the little gate in the enclosure to get inside. The zoo keepers won't notice.283
Well, a while back I was out in the field observing penguins. I worked for the Ardougne Zoo then. I was just quietly observing them when suddenly there was an avalanche.261
I think dairy cows have bells, you could steal one from it. Bongos... I suppose you could make them? Mahogany is good for bending, and then just use soft leather for the drum.259
I'm not done! I was trapped, but a passing old man stopped to help. He said he would shrink me so I could crawl out from under the weight of the snow.259
You see, that incident made me start suspecting the penguins, and my further work with them at the Zoo just confirmed it. I'm sure they got me fired. I know too much.255
Okay, but remember, if you move too far away from me the spell will break and you'll be normal sized again. Also, if you need to switch back, just ask me and I'll unshrink you.252
Please excuse me, I'm rather busy.249
You believe me?242
You need to have the suit with you if we are going to use it.237
No one ever believes me. Can I...hug you?237
Then he taught me the spell in case I would have need of it again.234
I'd like two Teak drawers built.208
Sorry, I distinctly heard you say you wanted to transport your arm in it. Have you had your brain shrunk into a penguin suit too many times? I don't lend my boat to mad people.208
Well of course you can't make out tracks. Penguins walk single file to hide their numbers! They're very clever.175
Our work is at the iceberg now. I will meet you there.163
Use the planks on the patch of snow on that ridge. Once you have that constructed, use the spade on the snow to cover the hide.156
I'd like an Oak table built.152
As a penguin?150
So, you'll be a human, pretending to be a penguin, pretending to be a human.146
But, there is no King of Lumbridge.142
Don't take this so lightly. You might put Fred in danger because you were having a laugh.141
Do you have all the items we need?136
Sorry, you can't use this boat.129
Now you know how it feels to be told you're crazy. Go tell the penguins about him.116
I can't talk about that right now.112
What are you doing out here! You need to get in there and find the secret room.106
I'd like two Oak drawers built.106
We must get away from here before we discuss our plans. We don't want to be overheard.104
Well, lucky for you I did make another copy. But be more careful!102
Not bad... Now you need to cover the bird hide in snow with a spade.82
Let's go to the iceberg. We have much to do.80
Well done. Now let's go to the iceberg and try it out.72
What? Did you come to tell me I'm crazy too?69
I'm too tired to teleport again. You'll have to get back to the Zoo on your own.57
What did you drag me back here for? We need to discuss our observations before we move forward.57
Oh, I don't have time for your lies. Go away.55
I can teleport us back to the Zoo, but you'll have to make your own way back, teleports tire me out.48
I'm looking for an experienced adventurer and you're not it. Come back when you are more capable.44
Maybe there's something he wants, something you can trade for the phrase? Or maybe there's some kind of magic that would persuade him?40
I once had to clean all the penguins feet, back when I had a job.38
Hello there, are you interested in buying one of my special capes?36
Or perhaps there's some sort of magic that could persuade the penguin? An object of power or the like?33
You can't bring your cat with you. Penguins hate cats, with a passion. They'll smell it a mile off. Put it in your bag first.30
I distracted them by giving them cod fish and then did the job. It was gross.30
I'm too tired to teleport again. You'll have to use the boat in Rellekka.30
Hmm...well...what about what those penguins on the iceberg did? It looked like they did three movements as a greeting or something.28
My hands were shaking too badly. Besides, I told YOU to write it down! Well, just guess if you can't remember.27
Never speak to me about that again.26
What did you do, lose your spade? You need to finish the bird hide. Use the boat to get back to the iceberg, post haste!24
I can't see why not. Just be careful with it. Come back to me when you have finished and I'll complete any repairs it might need.24
You don't seem to have the suit with you.23
I'd like a Wooden table built.20
I could ask you the same question. Go finish the bird hide!18
We should go to the iceberg. There is much work to be done.17
Well, you've finished the bird hide, we might as well use it! Hurry back!16
You can't bring your cat with you. Penguins hate cats, with a passion. They'll smell it a mile off. Put it in your bag and then we'll leave.14
I'd like two Wooden drawers built.13
I'd like a Mahogany drawer built.13
Well, you made the suit. Now meet me at the boat, but make sure you take the suit with you!13
You need 1 piece of silk, 1 clockwork mechanism, and 1 wood plank.10
The book will explain how to make the suit. But, since you seem to lazy to read it, I'll summarise.9
Take the materials to your house and use the Crafting table to make clockwork toys. From there you can make the suit.9
Ahh well they make it less likely that you'll accidently attack anyone wearing the same cape as you and easier to attack everyone else. They also make it easier to distinguish people who're wearing the same cape as you9
I've never been there, but as my boat is clearly not here, perhaps this isn't a good place to discuss it anyway.8
from everyone else. They're very useful when out in the wilderness with friends or anyone else you don't want to harm.8
So would you like to buy one?8
Who's Noodle?7
Why are you talking about pasta? We're on a mission here!7
Once you have the items, meet me up by the entrance to Keldagrim, east of Rellekka. I'll be there with a boat to take us to our destination.6
I'd like a Teak drawer built.5
You haven't lost it, you just need to look for it more closely.5
Quiet little chatter monkey. I'm observing penguins, I have no time for monkeys.3
I got lonely. Go back to the iceberg; we need to discuss our observations before we move forward.3
Um... I think I must have misheard you, but the only thing I'll let my boat do is travel from here to Rellekka, with me in it. I'm not risking getting marooned here.3
If you use leather and a mahogany plank, you could make a set of bongos.3
And you call yourself an adventurer! There is a road from Catherby going north. Take it until you reach the Sinclair Mansion.3
Take a left at the Mansion, cross two bridges and follow the road until you reach Rellekka. Head east, around Rellekka to the coast near the entrance of Keldagrim.3
Did I spell that out enough for you?3
ID? But...they all look alike. Well, the other penguins probably just assumed you had it, since you said you were an agent.3
You know, I met a rather shifty looking penguin once, north of Miscellania. He was named after some sort of pasta...3
Anyway, he worked for a black market. Maybe he has a contact here who could get you an ID?3
Of course. Just have a look around here for a shifty pasta penguin.3
Time to put your information to the test. Just get in the boat and we'll be off.2
I'd like an Oak drawer built.2
Well, get going then!1
I don't need that.1
I can't speak to you here; there are too many spies.1
Dumb human?1
Yes! Take my boat and go a very long way from me! And take your arm with you!1
I'd like a Wooden drawer built.1