Where are you going?986
Oh I wish I knew for sure... All I do know is that it opened seemingly by itself a few months ago. It was first discovered by the students over at the digsite, a few of which have gone down there but never returned.980
A few reasons, but I think the situation is beyond help now.974
I suppose it wouldn't hurt to tell you. I'm waiting to see my son Tolna. Don't suppose you've seen him?973
I don't really know.972
No. You see, I haven't seen him for... for... 25 years now. He just ran away one day and never returned. I'm hoping he's down this rift as I know he headed in this direction. My husband went to look, but he hasn't970
You would do that? Oh thank you so much!948
Thank you. You can use a rope to get into the rift, just attach it at the edge.947
Be careful.943
TOLNA !!!873
But why? We're surviving perfectly fine on what we're earning.733
They told me about it straight away.720
returned for days.682
Have you discovered anything yet?53
Go into the rift beside me and find my husband and son!49
Are you any closer to finding my son?14
Any sight of my son?14
Please don't waste any time.13
How could you say such a thing? Get away from me!12
You must find him and bring him back to me. Please, I beg you.12
What can you see?9
What are you waiting for? He must be so afraid in that place.9
Have you found him then?9
Please hurry!9
My son! What did he say?3
Who can be surprised at his frustration?3
Don't waste any time, his life could depend on you.3
What did he say? What did he say?3
You must save him! Help him get over his fear!3
Really? What did he say?2
You have?2
Can you save them?2
Thank you.2
And you've spoken to him?!?2
What are you waiting for, bring him back to me!2
You have to help him overcome his confusion!1