Hey, I've seen you working around the village. You've been doing a lot of good work around here for us. Let me give you something for your trouble.134
Yeah, you've been doing a lot of good work around here. Let me give you something for your time and effort.114
Oh, I just walk around a bit...I have to help my Mum and Dad a lot though because I'm still only young. I'd love to visit the mainland one day though and get out of this boring village.33
I've already given you some trading sticks and I don't have any more on me at the moment. Why not go and talk to some of the other villagers and get some contributions?25
Hello there...thanks for helping out Trufitus commune with the gods Bwana. We've been able to return to the village thanks to your help.10
Not that I'm aware of, just sit back and enjoy the sunshine bwana!6
Well, I think that there's some work to be done...perhaps Murcaily can help you. He usually tends to the hardwood grove to the east of Trufitus's hut.6
It's just village life as normal around here Bwana, always something interesting to find to occupy your time if you look hard enough.5
Bwana, if anyone else asks me that question today, I'll explode! Go and ask someone else!4
Sorry Bwana, I'm already busy, why not go and talk to Murcaily! He's around the village somewhere.2
Ahhhhhhhh - Get away from me you beast!1