This guy is unbelievable!5
Nothing, I bet!4
I guess you're right, there is the Apothecary in Varrock.4
I have a few suggestions!4
Theres something wrong with his head!4
Indeed! Bob should be back by now, let's go find him.4
Let's go out into the desert to talk about this, if you don't mind. I want the right atmosphere for the story.3
Old, but not too old. I could still scratch that cheeky face of yours.3
Well, most of still is, you young whippersnapper!3
Well done, that's all the chores finished!2
Let's talk to Unferth to see if there's anything else we can do.2
Now what?!2
I never did like that guy!2
Let's go point and laugh at people getting killed by chickens.2
Oh yes they have. Have you never met the evil chicken? He's my hero!2
Look there he is now!2
Lets go dig up King Rollie's garden. He was very pleased the last time he saw me in there.2
Curling up on a nice rug in front of a fire... or in the fire. Either way is good.2
Too old to waste time talking to you about the price of fish.2
I give up with these humans. Oh cruel fate, why do you mock me so?2
Hiss! What would you care?2
Anything evil is just fine with me.2
Hi Bob!2
We could offer to bonk him on the head with a big hammer.2
Back to the pits. I want to tell the catchers what a evil master you've been.2
I would... you're great! I wouldn't have it any other way! Evilness is just so, you know, EEEVVIIILLL.2
Yawn. I'm too lazy to even bother answering you.1
I suppose that is understandable, you did miss out on a little bit of the adventure.1
Do you remember being hypnotised then?1
It wasn't all that difficult to understand.1
Ok, I'll tell you what I think happened.1
There once was a high priest of some crazy religion called Klenter.1
No no. The high priest was called Klenter and he was the high priest of Icthlarin, god of the dead.1
He dies, and a struggle starts for his soul.1
Very good. Now she needs help in getting Klenter's soul so she tricks some gullible fool into helping her.1
Well she's the god of destruction. If she had a priest or a temple or anything she would just destroy it.1
Because of my kind.1
We have other powers, not clear to you. Anyway I'm moving away from the story.1
Because of me.1
Cats are the only things that can open the pyramid's door, so she needed an adventurer with one.1
You then started to return with the jar to the Devourer, but as a sting on the tail she made you plant one of her symbols in the ceremonial room of the pyramid. You then tried to flee the pyramid but1
Yes %USERNAME%. Well he either broke the devourer's hold on you or else Klenter did.1
He was, and still is. Ok, Icthlarin summoned Klenter's soul to torment you into returning the jar, the end result was that you were freed from the devourer's grasp.1
You then bumbled around for a bit and returned the jar, discovered that the high priest still hadn't completed the final ceremony so you got him all the bits and pieces.1
And the rest is simple enough to piece together.1
You say the sweetest things. Hiss.1
Humans are too gullible these days. Heee heee.1
Your the meanest old adventurer I have ever met. I'll be back on my feet some day, back in tip top form. And when I do, you'll be for it!1
The humans have been looking for you, they get worried too easily.1
Does Neite feel the same way about you?1
Don't you know who your parents are?1
Don't you have any memory of your parents?1
Come on! We can help Bob!1
I do hope you're joking. These claws are real you know, none of your bronze nonsense.1
Hang on, maybe this is something to do with the legend... yes, it just might. Have you ever heard of Robert the Strong?1
Ask Gertrude if she knows anything.1
Good old Gertrude! Come on, lets go.1
I'll explain later!1
Go on. Ask him.1
Don't you think it's odd that no one knows where Bob came from?1
I'd hoped you would've understood by now that there's more to cats than humans believe!1
I wouldn't say dragged... let's call it a partnership!1
Let's ask Bob!1
We think you are... or used to be... Robert the Strong!1
Robert the Strong was a great hero, you have no memory of him?1
I'm not done yet!1
Do you remember when you were hypnotised by the Devourer?1
Bye for now Bob, we're going to speak to the Sphinx.1
Yes, please help!1
Robert the Strong was no ordinary human though!1
Don't tell him you're doing his chores!1
Part of the cat-human relationship is to let them believe they are in control.1
Hello Bob!1
I don't think so.....1
No, but what's that got to do with.... no, nooooo! It cannot be!!1
That's impossible!!1
OK dad, maybe later. You're scaring me!1
Pretty good! %USERNAME% could use your help with something.1
Maybe the Sphinx can help us again.1
See you later Bob.1
More walking? Why don't we ever get a nice easy teleport for these things?1
The Apothecary said you need a vial of water to give to Unferth.1