Any luck getting your hands on that potion of sealegs?1,071
Excellent work, %USERNAME%! I'm sure the crew will be very glad to hear about this.1,033
Looks like we've got everything we need to set off!985
Hello, I'm the lead navigator on the expedition, I take it you're here to help us out?834
Good, because we're going to need your help if we're ever going out on this voyage.822
Well, you may be aware of the previous attempts at this expedition?819
Well I'm certainly not putting my crew's life in the hands of some lucky charm! I think I'll go with the potion.816
Fine by me, as long as you get that potion.815
Interesting, let's hear them.813
Welcome back, %USERNAME%. Any luck finding a way for us to make it through this cursed voyage?812
I've heard all kinds of stories at the Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim. I'm sure you'll be able to find out something about cursed voyages if you ask around the folks there.811
The voyage is clearly cursed!803
Well, %USERNAME%, whether you believe it or not, know that none of my men will be going on this expedition unless you can ensure our safety from the curse.802
We're not the first crew to face a cursed voyage, perhaps someone who has experienced one before can give you some advice.800
We're ready to go when you are, %USERNAME%.782
So, now do you understand why we need your help?738
The apothecary in Varrock might be able to help you out with that potion of sealegs, I'd start by paying him a visit.589
Oh quiet, boy - you shouldn't believe in such nonsense.580
Would you like to travel to the Digsite?451
My head... What happened? I thought we were going to set off on our voyage, %USERNAME%?415
Well, are you ready to set off again? Let me know and I'll get the crew to take another dose of this potion of sealegs.413
Well, the first barge had some serious design flaws... it didn't float.287
The second barge suffered from 'feature creep'. Senior museum staff stuck their oar in and added unnecessary features: 'go-faster stripes', a portable fossil centrifuge and a walk-on mini-museum.236
The fifth barge crashed into the sixth.219
Needless to say, it had... buoyancy issues.218
The fourth also used a special sealant, this one attracted icebergs.218
The third barge made it out to sea, but a special sealant was used that attracted sea monsters. They didn't make it very far.217
The eigth barge is still here, we think. An accident involving a magical explosion and some talking anchovies means that it is now believed to reside 12 seconds out of phase.216
The ninth version was built using magic logs. The barge gained some form of rudimentary sentience. It developed serious depression and ran itself aground near Crandor.214
We lost the seventh one.212
Good work getting us that potion of sealegs, %USERNAME%.111
The crew are a lot more confident about the voyage now. Once you get the junior navigator his lucky charm we'll be ready to set sail.94
Would you like to travel to Fossil Island?42
The apothecary in Varrock might be able to help you out, you should pay him a visit.22
Okay, see you soon.9
Good work getting us that potion of sealegs, Riddar Rohan.1
Good work getting us that potion of sealegs, Doc Mantis.1
Good work getting us that potion of sealegs, Barry Burger.1