Can I help you?67
Well, I can cure plain cowhides into pieces of leather ready for crafting.43
I work with ordinary, hard or dragonhide leather and also snakeskin. What would you like to know about?38
Is there anything else I can help you with?27
Dragon leather is made from dragonhides. One piece of hide can be worked into one piece of dragon leather. It costs 20 coins each piece.10
Dragon leather is hard-wearing and has excellent flexibility. You can make strong and supple armour with this.9
I can work one piece of cow hide into ordinary leather. It only costs one piece of gold.8
Hard leather is made by specially treating normal leather by wetting and drying several times.7
Suit yourself.5
I can work one piece of snake hide into a snakeskin. It only costs 15 pieces of gold. Snakeskin armour is great for intermediate level rangers and provides more defence than hard and studded leather.5
It's then treated with pine oils. It's harder wearing than ordinary leather.5
You may be bored now, but an arrow in the backside will soon fix that!4