Thank you so much! Would you like a cup of tea before you go?11,752
Your employment is known to me. Now, do you know all that we need to make the break?839
My father sent this key for you. Be careful not to lose it.826
Good, you have all the basic equipment. Next to deal with the guard on the door. He is talkative, try to find a weakness in him.823
I'd like my mirror fixed.809
I'd like my sink fixed.723
Only the lady Keli, can wander about outside the jail. The guards will shoot to kill if they see the prince out so we need a disguise good enough to fool them at a distance.630
Yes, that is most important. There is no way you can get the real key. It is on a chain around Keli's neck. Almost impossible to steal.493
Good, I shall await your return with everything.487
I'd like a Mahogany table built.437
I'd like two Mahogany small tables built.423
Most of the guards will be easy. The disguise will get past them. The only guard who will be a problem will be the one at the door.412
Get some soft clay and get her to show you the key somehow. Then take the print, with bronze, to my father.401
You need a wig, maybe made from wool. If you find someone who can work with wool ask them about it. There's a witch nearby may be able to help you dye it.398
You have rope I see, to tie up Keli. That will be the most dangerous part of the plan.385
You have got the skirt, good.383
I'd like a Mahogany cupboard built.374
We still need something to colour the Prince's skin lighter. There's a witch close to here. She knows about many things. She may know some way to make the skin lighter.352
I'd like a Mahogany bed built.329
We can discuss this more when you have the rest of the escape kit.326
I'd like a Teak cupboard built.268
I'd like a Teak bed built.238
Ok now, you have all the basic equipment. What are your plans to stop the guard interfering?228
Please excuse me, I'm rather busy.220
I'd like two Teak small tables built.180
Good luck with the guard. When the guard is out you can tie up Keli.164
Well, that's possible. These guards do like a drink. I would think it will take at least 3 beers to do it well. You would probably have to do it all at the same time too. The effects of the local beer wear off quickly.139
I'd like an Oak bed built.122
The wig you have got, well done.111
I'd like a Teak table built.108
You have the skin paint, well done. I thought you would struggle to make that.108
You will still need some rope to tie up Keli, of course. I heard that there's a good rope maker around here.100
I'd like an Oak table built.90
You will need to get a pink skirt, same as Keli's.89
I'd like an Oak cupboard built.84
You do have everything for the disguise.64
Thank you, Al-Kharid will forever owe you for your help. I think that if there is ever anything that needs to be done, you will be someone they can rely on.64
I'd like two Oak small tables built.38
That is no concern of yours, adventurer.30
Well, speaking to him may find a weakness he has. See if there's something that could stop him bothering us.21
I'd like a Mahogany small table built.20
You could try. I don't think the emir will pay anything towards it. And we did bribe one of their guards once.15
Keli killed him in front of the other guards, as a deterrent. It would probably take a lot of gold.12
I'd like a Teak small table built.11
I don't think you should. If you do the rest of the gang and Keli would attack you. The door guard should be removed first, to make it easy.10
I'd like a Wooden bed built.9
I'd like a Wooden table built.7
I'd like a Wooden cupboard built.5
I'd like two Wooden small tables built.3
Foolish woman! A new key will cost 15 coins.3
Great! The guard is now harmless. Now you just need to use the rope on Keli to remove her. Then you can go in and give everything to the prince.3
You should carry on, get in and rescue the prince. Keli is sharp, she won't stay tied up long.2
I'd like an Oak small table built.1
Foolish man! A new key will cost 15 coins.1