A great adventurer, from afar? How may I help with my repertoire? 1,592
If it's Piscarilius information you seek, it's in my brain that you must peek!1,395
Our shore is brimming, with gold from the sea, the most loyal of our people, are handed the key. We'll let you stand on our shores and collect, the great anglerfish; other only... covet?1,217
Listen here pal, you don't mess with people in Port Piscarilius. Do you want happy rhyming Leenz, or angry, gruff and pain-inflicting Leenz?1,209
Anytime, my adventuring friend, enjoy your time in Great Kourend!1,199
Within Port Piscarilius, you'll find, great fisherman, traders, pirates and I. All lead, by our ruthless leader, Shauna Piscarilius, none yet to supersede her.351
Repairing net cranes, and gathering bait, newcomers to the port, well this is their fate... It's labour intensive, and dirty work, though stick to it friend, 'till your arms are inert.330
No surprise if you meet her, her tactics are ruthless. Her demeanour renders, all pirates toothless.292
Our great shore and trading, have treasures to be found, providing export and fish, in quantities abound.259
If there's one thing, that I do best, it's waiting patiently, for my guests!116