Like serfs.7
I'd prefer that, if it meant I didn't have to talk to people as inanely happy as you.6
Yes, you know - peons, plebs, the downtrodden. He treats us like his own personal possessions.5
I keep trying to save up enough to leave, but the King keeps taxing us! We have no money left.5
It gets you down after a while, you know. There are 273 shades of grey, you know, and we have them all.4
That attempt at humour merely made me more depressed. Leave me alone.3
I am afraid not outerlander. Goodbye.2
I cannot speak to you outerlander! Talk to Brundt, the Chieftain!1
%FREMENNIK_NAME%... It has been too long since last we met!1
I'm sorry, you are our sister no more. I cannot help you. Leave, before I must call the guards.1