It's good, isn't it? I designed it to incorporate the bones of various animals in its construction.60
It's a fair bit faster than an ordinary crossbow too; it'll take you far less time to reload between shots.57
This is Aleck's Hunter Emporium. Basically, it's just a shop with a fancy name; you can buy various weapons and traps here.51
Ah, I admit as a result of its... er... unique construction, it won't take just any old bolts.41
Well, if you ever find yourself in need of that innovative edge, you can always find me here.40
If you can supply the materials and a token fee, I'd be happy to make some for you.37
I need kebbit spikes, lots of 'em. Not all kebbits have spikes, mind you. You'll be wanting prickly kebbits or, even better, razor-backed kebbits to get material hard enough.35
Yes, I suppose you could, although you'll need a steady hand with a knife and a chisel.22
The bolts have an unusual diameter, but basically you'll just need to be able to carve kebbit spikes into straight shafts.21
Oh, this isn't my shop; the owner is Aleck over there behind the counter.18
Meanwhile, since you're here, I can make some for you if you have the materials.18
I experiment with weapon designs. I'm here because I've been trying to convince people to back my research and maybe sell some of my products - like this one I'm holding - in their shops.16
That's what they said about my wind-powered mouse traps, too.13
Well, they only ran into problems because people kept insisting on trying to use them indoors.13
Anyway, I think my crossbow invention is showing a lot more promise.13
Aleck doesn't seem to be interested, though.8