Welcome to the Keldagrim library, human traveller!1,465
I see, I see.1,281
His clothes? How do you mean?904
Let me think... I believe it is on the top shelf of one of the bookcases in the library, because it is such an old book.900
I don't remember, sorry. You will have to try several bookcases. You will probably need the ladders, tall a human though you are.898
There is a book, somewhere in the library, that may help you. It is the 'Scholars Guide to Dwarven Costumes' and it contains the designs of the costumes of a lot of old Kings and dwarven dignitaries.626
You're confusing me, what rock exactly are you talking about?354
Go south to the palace, the shop is called Wemund's Wrench Warehouse. He should be working there somewhere.345
There is a dwarf in the mechanics shop, though, who I believe has some connections with a certain scholar.226
But I don't know much about that rock, I'm afraid. It's baffled us for many generations.219
Why, certainly, it is one of my favourite subjects!144
Oh, they are quite different, and most of them take place in the Fourth Age.115
I am Hugi, you see, I am the chief librarian here. Hugi, my parents named me that, it means 'personification of thought' in the ancient dwarvish tongue.113
The books in this library have been collected for many centuries now, through various generous donations.101
Quite like the name myself.99
Since we dwarves hid underground for a long time to sit out the wars that raged above the ground our history books differ slightly from those written by humans.90
You'll find books dating from many different eras as well, such as the Era of Kings, the Rise of the Consortium and the Era of Prosperity, our current era.90
An Imcando dwarf, you say?24
Ah, I'm afraid I can't help you here, Keldagrim lost contact with that particular tribe of dwarves a long time ago.24
I suppose you could try Reldo, in the palace of Varrock. He is a most capable human librarian and knows quite a bit about us dwarves.24
He lives quite a good deal closer to where the Imcando used to live than we do, so it is not unlikely. Tell him Hugi the librarian sent you and I'm sure he'll be happy to help.24
And take a cart to Ice Mountain from the station in the east side of the city. It'll help you get to Varrock faster.23
I heard there was a demon inside there that you banished.7
There are some demons that we cannot see properly as mortals. They also cannot be fought with normal weapons.7
But sometimes these creatures manifest themselves in a solid form in our world. Their avatar.7
Doubtful. He will grow stronger and stronger over time, but that's a process that will take a thousand years at least.7
Even dwarves don't live so long.7
No, we won't see him again and the mines are safe to dig for gold now. Of course, that might lead to other problems eventually...2
When you defeat an avatar, you defeat the actual demon behind it. But they don't die, they are banished to where they came from originally.1