Welcome, are you looking to take part in a game of Last Man Standing?8,596
Which mode would you like to play?2,531
I'm afraid you can't take part in Last Man Standing on this world.2,032
It's simple. A group of competitors are taken to the island, only one comes out alive.1,811
You have some choice for the items you're given on arrival. Use my supply chest to configure your loadout.1,766
The fight for survival will boost your physical and mental abilities, ensuring you make a worthy contender as the Last Man Standing. Praying to the gods will not cost you your precious energies on the island.1,527
Remember, this is a solo competition! Anyone attempting to form teams for an unfair advantage will be banished from further participation.1,500
You can't take any of your belongings to the island; you must use only what you are given there on arrival, and anything else you find there.1,392
Now that you know more, would you like to take part in a game of Last Man Standing?1,244
Lethal fog will fill the island after a set amount of time, forcing contenders to a designated safe zone.1,124
No problem, come back if you happen to change your mind.236
Very well - please store your pet safely. There's a deposit box just outside my office.31