Hello there. You look lost, are you okay?982
Well done! You didn't happen to find my brother?91
I sense bad news. It's okay, he's been gone so long, I believe I've moved on.85
True, I will raise a drink for him tonight, he was a good man, even if he was a pacifist.84
Good bye, %USERNAME%.83
Ahh... the Stronghold of Security. It's down there.45
Yeah... tell that to my brother, he still hasn't come back.40
He's an explorer too. When the miner fell down that hole he'd made and came back babbling about doors, questions and treasure, my brother went to explore. No-one has seen him since.40
Lots of people have been down there, but none of them have seen him, Let me know if you do, will you?37
I am glad the challenges of the stronghold have been overcome; it feels like my brother has somehow been avenged.25