Greetings, human.60
I'm Lithil. Haven't you heard of me?41
...Oh, well that's no good.40
You must run in all the wrong circles. It's fine, I won't hold it against you.40
Me? Can't a demon have a look around without all the questions?35
Alright! I heard there were other demons in Morytania, other than that oaf, Mazchna. I've come looking for them.35
If he truly is as great as he says, he'd fight me.35
Ugh, of course not. The fool says he won't fight a woman. That demon thinks he's a pillar of chivalry.35
Yes. Anyway, to fully answer your initial question, I found demons here to the north and some lesser demons to the east.34
Demons tend to stay where they were summoned. You see, once they're done eating the stupid wizard that thought it could control a demon, they're pretty much stuck until someone else decides to summon them.33
Be even warier of the imps. They'll steal the boots from your feet if you give 'em the chance.32
See you 'round, human.18