You won't make many friends on Lunar Isle without your Seal of Passage.4,663
Don't talk to me outerlander! I don't have time for the likes of you!1,049
Can't say I've heard of you. So they let your sort into the clan nowadays? Wow. Things have really changed since I've been gone...831
Oh, you haven't heard of the infamous Lokar, scourge of the northern seas?786
Forgotten already? Tch! I have no regrets about why I left!777
As a young man, I learnt that the Fremennik way of life was too slow for me...762
So I ran away from Rellekka to become a PIRATE! It's way more fun. Plus you get to see the world!739
Yes, I have returned here, but that's only because we're short on supplies.733
You're trying my patience...732
Indeed. Well, the rest of the group are at Lunar Isle at the moment. It's where the Moon Clan live.729
I'd be surprised if you hadn't, they're the Fremenniks' most hated enemy!724
Yeah, they're a really powerful race of mages. They'd read your mind and see that you're a Fremennik straight away, then probably turn you inside out and feed you to the birds.712
Yeah, but I think the Fremenniks are a bunch of losers. They probably picked up on that.702
That's the spirit!681
Well, it shows that you're a diplomat for the Fremennik, so you'll have immunity from being killed and stuff.675
What? I never said you had to bother trying to do that, you just have to pretend like you might.664
Yeah, just go over and talk to the chief loser. You might have to tell him some rubbish he wants to hear, but that's it.650
Oh, sure, every so often we got to go on big raiding parties, looting and pillaging the weaker islands around here for food and profit, but...597
No, I knew what I wanted to do, and that was attack innocent people going about their daily business, steal all their money, then spend it on wine, women and song!550
Well, after a while, that was all I looked forward to doing.547
Growing crops, milking cows, catching and cooking food, the day to day activities of our life...546
Well, what you want to do is go and talk to Brundt the Chieftain and get a Seal of Passage from him.542
They've been at war with them for hundreds of years!535
Hmmm. Actually, that might be a problem for you then.525
Look, I know a way you'll be able to travel there without, you know, getting killed and that, if you fancy a trip!514
It's an ancient tradition not to attack anyone bearing a Seal of Passage, because they're probably on a diplomatic mission. Or well connected with powerful allies. Either way, killing them is usually a bad idea.498
No skin off my nose if those losers want to get slaughtered by the Moon Clan, just more stuff for me to loot when they're all dead.489
Come back here when you got it, my supplies are loaded and I'm good to head back to our ship.479
So you got that seal yet from Brundt the Chieftain? Can I leave this dump of a town?466
Great! Then let's head back to my ship! You ready to go now?447
...Why are you talking like that?420
Only the very stupid ones...415
I suppose that will have to do.401
Here we are at the Pirates' Cove! You'll find the captain already on board.383
So let's start again: Are you ready to go?335
I suggest you DON'T talk like that to my crew. They will probably assume you are mocking them and kill you.327
Yes, I suppose that's true... I have been gone such a long time...239
Sheesh, make your mind up pal, I'm not a taxi service!210
Your skills are blatantly lacking. You need to go practice more!135
Sheesh, make your mind up lady, I'm not a taxi service!80
Hi again %FREMENNIK_NAME%! What can I do for you?39
Only people who've travelled on quests far from here can talk to me!36
You've experience yet to gain. Especially in keeping with the Fremenniks and their trials!24
Hey there %FREMENNIK_NAME%. So you get that seal thingy off of the Brundt the Chieftain yet?23
Well hurry it up, okay? I'm sick of this dump of a town, I want to go back to the ship!17
Hey, if you want to go back to loserville with all the losers, who am I to stop you?11
Hey, I knew you seemed cool when I met you %FREMENNIK_NAME%!6
Yeah, why?5
Silly you. You'll have to go back to Brundt the Chieftain to get another before you can go on to Lunar Isle.5
Oh, so you're a loser like the rest of the Fremenniks then? See ya around, loser.4
You're not a worthy enough adventurer to talk to me!4