Yeah, you're good to go through. Olaf tells me you're some kind of outerlander bard here on tour. I doubt you're worse than Olaf is.892
You have an instrument now, huh? Go on through the door.127
You can't go through there. Talent only, backstage.78
Hey, outerlander. You can't go through there. Talent only, backstage.35
No you're not. I saw your performance. I was paid well to keep you from ever setting foot on stage here again.34
Get lost, outerlander. Performers only past this point.15
Oh, really? So where's your instrument?10
Oh, really? You won't mind singing me a quick song then.10
That was a pile of tosh. Get lost, outerlander. You're a bard like I'm a goblin. Do I look stupid to you?7
I said, get lost.5
Leave now, before I get rid of you myself.2