What do you want?104
This path leads to the Doors of Dinh. You should be careful if you wish to travel any further.77
They're to keep the Wintertodt at bay. No one knows what it really is, but centuries ago it emerged from the northern wastes to terrorise the kingdom.42
The Doors were created by Dinh, a master smith, to imprison the Wintertodt.41
The Arceuus Pyromancers keep the Wintertodt trapped behind the doors, but the Shayzien Army still keeps an eye on things.40
I'm the duty look-out on the northern pass. It's the worst assignment there is.12
As if the cold wasn't bad enough, the snooty Arceuus Pyromancers always look down their noses at the Shayzien soldiers, just because we use muscle and steel rather than fancy magicks.10