Ah, so he's a nobody. Well, these prisoners are mine, I paid for them. You'll have to tell him to find some different ones.1,611
I will be the judge of that, %VAMPYRE_NAME%. Now, why are you here?1,607
You! Who are you?1,602
What's all this noise? What's going on in here?1,596
Nothing for you to concern yourself with Vanstrom. I have this under control.1,293
Surely you have bigger problems, like the blood shortages amongst the commoners?1,238
No. Many are starting to wonder if he cares about any of us.1,212
And you decided to investigate? How convenient. Tell me, is Lord Drakan really so interested in my business that he's now having you spy on me?1,207
And what do you think Lasiurus will do with them if I give them to him? They're safe here. They'll be looked after.1,205
This vyre was trying to steal some of my prisoners. I was having them removed.1,196
What do you mean? I paid for them!1,190
Or what? You don't get to order me around!1,174
Tell me, is it now protocol for the head of the vyrewatch to come and investigate every disturbance?1,161
You! You're the one that lost me my tithes. Get out before I have you killed!15
You there. Who are you?11
Tell me, %VAMPYRE_NAME%, what blood tastes the best?9
You misunderstand me. I mean what kind of human?9
What? I mean, yes. But what else?9
Love. Blood tastes best when it comes from one who loves.9
Too many around here treat their tithes with discontentment. When they do, they miss out on the full potential blood has to offer.9
Treat your tithes with respect instead. They will come to love you, and their blood becomes so much better as a result.7
Human! Get back to the slave pens before I call the guards!1