The city is flourishing, largely thanks to you. There's still some mistrust for the Iorwerth clan, but overall I'd say it's been over a thousand years since our people were doing this well.113
I still mourn Glarial every day, until the end of time a part of me will be missing, never to be replaced.109
And we are glad to have you here with us. None of this would have been possible without you.102
But I know now that I can't let that impact the elves here. Many of them never even knew their former queen. My grief is mine alone, they need not bear it.100
To them, I'm trying my best to be a leader they deserve, to correct the mistakes of my past. Lord Iorwerth believed we were nothing without Seren. We need to prove that we have a future with her gone.98
Thankfully I have the other elders to help this time. Ruling is not as hard when you share out the responsibilities.96