What want you, with the Lord of the Kinshra? Speak!2,262
Pah! Begone, fool, or prepare to taste my blade!933
Stop! I will tell you what you want! Please... leave my men be...869
A friend of mine? What friend of mine would the Temple Knights show any intere-868
Then let me assure you, that monster is no 'friend' of mine - if indeed such a creature even has 'friends'!848
No fool... You and your White Knight cronies are no friend of the Kinshra either.836
Is that a threat, whelp? Do your worst. I care not for my own life, I stand only for the protection of the Kinshra!825
*sigh* I should have known the White Knights would be my ruin once again...795
I do not know, I am a warrior, not a zookeeper. It was not bear fur, I know that much.770
No, that man is certainly no friend of mine nor of the Kinshra.629
Oh. This... This is about Solus, isn't it?626
I will help neither of you, and I wish you all a slow and painful death.605
I do not know his exact whereabouts, and when last we met we did not leave... on the best of terms.583
All I know is that he left behind some fur when he left, I would expect him to be in an area with furred creatures of some sort.557
Well you will not hear that from me, White Knight dog!210
Then begone knave, before I have my Knights put you to the sword!193
And you can threaten me all you want, I care for nothing in this world save the welfare of my Kinshra brothers!153
I have already told you, I know nothing except that he left some fur behind.81
Now leave me and my men be, or it will be the worse for you!55
I thought you dead many moons past...5
Cut the banter, Solus.5
What do you want?5
You know you are not welcome here.5
You are not a Zamorakian! You worship nothing but your own selfish greed.5
You left because your own stupidity brought the wrath of the Temple Knights upon you.5
Now I ask you a final time before I draw my blade:5
WHAT do you WANT?5
The Kinshra are not your personal soldiers Solus!5
I will not waste any of my warriors in your foolish schemes!5
Or there will be blood shed between us.5
I swear... in the name of *cough* Zamorak... I will see you rot for this Solus...5