Very well. Good luck.1,849
The Grand Library of Prifddinas, such a beautiful place. You will be the first to step foot there for hundreds of years.1,256
They say Lord Iorwerth broke one of the nine seals of Seren within the library. Find this seal, and see what knowledge he uncovered.1,248
According to Baxtorian, Seren herself said that those who follow the light will be able to access her knowledge.1,236
No, but it is all you have. Now, when you are ready, I can teleport you into the crystal seed. I have the potion that you made earlier, it will ensure you survive the journey.1,233
The library has been reverted to crystal. That which is impossible out here, may well be normal in an environment like that. You should be cautious.1,225
Once that is done, seek out the other eight seals, see if you can break them as well. Their knowledge may be key to our fight against the darkness.907
One last thing, the laws that this land abide by, they may not apply in the library.838
Now, are you ready?831
My magic can be used to teleport someone through the defences and into the crystal. It will require great focus though, I will only be able to send one of you in.781
Do you wish to return to the Grand Library?700
Then we shall leave at once. Allow me to teleport you back with me.659
Indeed, and if Baxtorian sent you, then it is time for me to leave this place. Tell me human, where must I travel to?655
Good day %USERNAME%. Have you come to hear the song of the elves?68
The rebels have created a wonderful village here. A safe refuge from the tyranny of Lord Iorwerth. Curious how something so beautiful could be born of something so terrible.67
They have, but I'd expect no less of them. The song of the elves has been sung for thousands of years, it will continue for thousands more.63
Do you not hear it? The sounds of a city in harmony. It is the song of the elves, the story of our people.61
More of a fighter? We have a song for that too. If you wish to sing it, head to the Gauntlet and put yourself to the test.57
The last few verses were dark and quiet, but now our city is restored, we find ourselves singing a new verse, one of joy and light.53
However, I fear that this verse is the darkest yet.52
So here we are. At long last, the end is upon us. The only question that remains is who it's the end for.32
No war lasts forever, not even this one. The darkest verse of the song of the elves is upon us. Who knows what the next verse will be.28
As you wish.14
Your work in the library, is it done?13
Then you should speak with Arianwyn at once.9
For years the rebels have fought against the tyranny of Lord Iorwerth. I suspect the end of that fight draws near, another completed verse in the song of the elves. I wonder how it will conclude...6
The time has come, I hope you are ready. You'd better go and see Baxtorian.3
I would advise you speak with Arianwyn, rather than me.3