Is there anything else I can help with?2,425
Good day %USERNAME%. How may I help you now?1,345
Bless his loyalty but curse his suspicion. Here he will recognise this.1,329
Ahh... %USERNAME%. Welcome to Tirannwn. I understand you've been sent here to rid us of that criminal Tyras. I offer my full support.1,268
%USERNAME% how goes your search... Any luck hunting down that brigand?1,263
Indeed. Now, Tyras and his forces moved camp recently so your first step will be to find their new camp. I have a tracker currently working in that area. I suggest you join up with him.1,263
Good job. As we don't have the troops available to take on his forces directly, I suggest we try some alternative tactics.1,261
Indeed. Have a read through and see what you think. Once you have, let me know if you have any questions.1,254
Good good... One of my scouts reported that they saw his tent in a ball of flames. You have done well.1,227
As a token of my own thanks, I give you access to the pass through Arandar. You'll find the start of the trail in the far north east of the woods.1,225
This is it, this is what we've spent the last thousand years fighting for. Today, it will finally all be worth it.1,157
I know what we agreed Arianwyn! We agreed to free our goddess, and that's what I'm going to do!1,146
What... what have you done?1,102
How? With violence? That's all you know isn't it?1,094
Unfortunately, most of my troops are currently dealing with a group of renegade elves. That does mean we're a bit more limited than we otherwise would be.1,089
I'm sure you will want to get back to your king and tell him. He will undoubtedly want some proof. He should trust me enough in this matter, Give him this letter, it verifies that the job is done.1,078
She was confused, she was hurt. Yes, she was angry, but she was innocent!1,052
I did what I needed to do to save our goddess. No one would have needed to die had you not forced our hand.1,006
You talk sense human, and yet you stand beside the warmonger himself.1,005
I do. I have done many unspeakable things, things that haunt me every day. But what I did, I did for the good of my people.1,005
In the hope that I might still change yours. I don't want anyone else to die in this war. I give you the chance to stand down.1,005
Yes, Arianwyn told me what you discovered in the library. It matters not though, that is a part of our goddess in there, we have to free her.1,004
I have this book here which details an explosive reaction. We should be able to use it to create a bomb.949
You'll find him at Tyras's old camp. It's south east of here, just north of that poisoned lake. Once you've found the camp, come and let me know.915
She just needed time, time to understand, time to overcome her pain. She was our goddess, the last hope for our people. And now, she's gone, because of you.911
And what would you know?908
I hope you can live with yourself...904
King Baxtorian.895
Good day %USERNAME%. Have you had any luck with that book?876
Time can change a lot of things, perhaps Seren has changed as well.863
Well lucky for us, we have a way of finding out.856
Of course it's her! Don't tell me you believe Baxtorian and his lies?845
Ah, I see. There's a mine directly east of here where you can mine limestone.806
Really? So why did you come then?752
Go on, deny it. Just like you always do.746
We can stand here going around in circles all day, you won't change my mind.745
No. You never really were a king though were you? A king doesn't abandon his people like you did.735
I will keep my promise to you Arianwyn, you should not doubt that.733
We enter the temple, free our goddess and with her by our side, reform the city of Prifddinas.732
In a manner of speaking.732
A shame. As unlikely as it was, I did hope you might see reason.729
My loyalty is to Seren, I will let her decide what is evil.727
Whereas he, he only ever cared for himself.722
Now, I'm afraid I'll need to push you on a decision.717
Well you should be able to get some coal tar from that poisoned lake to the south. As for the rest, I'm afraid I don't have the chemistry knowledge to understand it.717
Perfect! Take the book to her and see if she can help. Just don't tell her what it's for. Even if she's trustworthy, we can't take any risks.716
Enough of this! You can try to manipulate him all you want, he's made his choice.715
I think we're done here then. For what it's worth, I'm sorry it had to end this way.688
Have a look around the camp, there should be some empty barrels lying around.665
Some sort of fabric should work. You can use the loom here if needed.665
Check the shore south of the old camp you were at earlier. I've seen sulphur there in the past, it comes from that poisoned lake.656
So you finally decided to show your true colours, how disappointing.631
No? You seemed more than happy to kill King Tyras when it suited you. Burnt him alive in the middle of his own camp if I recall.614
Ah, I see you have been led astray. You think we are the evil ones, but our cause is the true one. You think we are murderers, but we are in fact saviours.602
Let me know if you need anything else.547
Hmm, perhaps.532
Anyway, is there anything else I can help with?512
Brave of you to come here Arianwyn, but foolish. We have you outnumbered.502
You know, after you killed King Tyras, I thought you might have some potential. Given time, we might have properly welcomed you into our ranks. You'd have been the first human among us.489
Lied? I told your friend here that King Tyras was an invader into our lands. Last time I checked, that was the truth.488
Don't be so sure. They may not know it yet, but the rebels could be of great use to us...477
You think you're the hero of this story, but you're not...467
They may still be of use to us. Lock them away for now. Give them time to think on their choices.464
Zamorakian? You don't really think we'd support that monster do you? I'm afraid to say that you're quite mistaken.432
We needed access to West Ardougne so we needed the support of the king. Once we found out about his hidden worship of Zamorak, it seemed like an obvious lie to tell.430
It was just a ruse I'm afraid. A lie we told King Lathas to get him on our side.428
That's how I discovered the truth. A part of Seren lives on, trapped within the Temple of Light.428
Perhaps, but I don't believe you're the type to throw lives away without need. Instead, why don't we discuss this like reasonable people.422
Ah, that. Well now that King Lathas is dead, I suppose there's no better time to reveal the truth.421
Now, I suggest you leave, before I change my mind.411
I have no more love for Zamorak than you do. I've only ever served one god, the same one as you, Seren.410
I can see why you'd think that, but you are mistaken. You're right to say that the temple is key to summoning a god, but that god is not Zamorak, it's Seren.408
Well well, the great King Baxtorian. I wasn't sure I believed it when I heard you were still alive, but here you are.407
I thought the same once. That was until I managed to break one of the seals within the Grand Library.402
A shame. You're better than this Arianwyn, I hope in time you will see that.402
Let them go. Let it be known that the Iorwerth clan is not without mercy.397
I'll make this simple for you, Baxtorian. The life of the boy is now in your hands. Give me the orb, and no harm will come to him.395
Well your ability to disappoint is one of your few talents, so I'll let it slide. However, I must insist that you give me the orb.394
Yes. But make no mistake Arianwyn, if you and your rebels interfere with our affairs again, I will not be so forgiving.392
As we speak, my forces are dealing with the last of your rebels and rounding up your citizens. You have no way to fight, and nowhere to run.374
Oh I will, one way or another. But in case it wasn't clear, let me explain the situation.369
What have I done? Well I told him the truth. It was about time that someone did.369
A wise choice, must be a first for you.369
Instead, I give you a choice. Give me the orb, and I will withdraw my forces, leaving you in peace. Refuse, and the blood of those citizens will be on your hands.362
Everything we have done, every sacrifice we have made, all of it has been to free our goddess.362
Of course, I could just have you all killed right now. After the trouble you've all caused me, it wouldn't be an unreasonable act. However, I am not without mercy, and I will not draw blood unless I have to.361
You have some nerve to lecture me. Remind me, how many of your people died under your watch? How many fell, trying to free your wife?355
No, I wouldn't. But the choice is not mine, it's yours. I will count to five.354
No... of course they don't. You're a liar and a coward, that's all you've ever been.351
When I first discovered the truth, our clan was still ruled by my mother. I went to her, told her what I'd found, told her what we needed to do.350
No one else needs to die here. Please, just give me the orb. Do that, and I swear we will do you no further harm.347
I feared as much. That said, I do have someone here who might change your mind.346
I've done many terrible things, but none of them were a mistake. Every sacrifice I've made has been for her, for Seren.345
These new followers of yours, do they know? Do they know what you did? Do they know about the monster you truly are?344
I see. I did hope it wouldn't come to this, but you've given me no choice. Morvran.343
And I would do it again without hesitation. For Seren, there is no price too great.338
As for me, I'm many things, and I admit, a lot of them aren't good. But I would never throw lives away like you did.337
I loved my mother, but she was blindly loyal to this fool here, she wouldn't have any of it. I couldn't just abandon my goddess though, she needed us. So I did what had to be done.337
He should be at Tyras's old camp. It's south east of here, just north of that poisoned lake. Once you've found the camp, come and let me know.137
Well you should. Once you have, let me know if you have any questions.81
Excellent work. Now we can finally deal with Tyras.41
No, you'll be spotted by the guards if you try that. You'll need to get it in from outside.41
Tyras and his men have used catapults against us in the past. Maybe you can turn one of them against him.38
Ahh %USERNAME%. Good day, sorry I cannot stop to talk. So much to do, so little time.37
Now you'd better get going. Don't forget, you'll need a tinderbox to light that fuse. Return to me once the deed is done.35
Have you delivered the message to King Lathas yet?35
Ahh %USERNAME%, good day. Sorry, can't stop to talk. So much to do, so little time.34
There is no time for delay, he'll need to see it.33
Its lucky I had a scribe make a few copies then, is it not?21
Just show him the pendant I gave you.16
Keep at it. Let me know if you have any questions.11
%USERNAME%, how goes your search? Any luck hunting down that brigand?5
Good. Come find me when you've located the camp.5
Sorry, can't stop to talk. So much to do, so little time.4
It is lucky I had a scribe make a few copies is it not?4
Here have another copy, but don't let it fall into the wrong hands.2
I'm sure you will find something at his old camp that can help you.1
------------ how goes your search... Any luck hunting down that brigand?1
Good day ------------. Have you had any luck with that book?1
Good day ------------. How may I help you now?1