Hello there.2,788
Our family is in dire need of assistance. My eldest son, Artur, has gone missing and we could desperately use some help in finding him.1,257
He also said that you managed to recover the original copy of the Royal Accord of Twill.1,243
Thank you friend. I suggest you begin your search by talking to my family and servants. One of them might know where Artur has gone.1,241
Yes. I'll make sure it's well looked after. Now as for that reward I promised.1,236
Artur is safely back home again. I hear we have you to thank for that.1,063
You are a friend of Hosidius. Would you be willing to assist us? You will be rewarded if you bring him home safe.939
Our family is in dire need of assistance. Alas, I do not feel I can trust you enough to involve you in this.100
I am Lord Kandur Hosidius. Who are you?67
Pleased to meet you %USERNAME%. It is a shame we could not meet in better circumstances.63
Anything else I can help you with?60
I assume you're after that reward I promised you. Here you go.44
Keep looking. You will be rewarded if you bring him home safe.41
Have you found my son yet?37
Hosidius is home to the farmers and chefs of Kourend. We are the main food supplier to the kingdom and we ensure that her people are fed.35
Sometimes. They know it is necessary though. There was once a time when the land was shared equally. But then the great famine came, and Kourend did not have the food to last through it.34
Plans? My only plan is to keep providing food to this kingdom.31
I did. The Accord has the potential to be a powerful weapon for words cut deeper than a blade ever can. However, I have no need to use this weapon, not unless the other houses give me reason to.30
We also own more land than the other Kourend houses. We need the extra space for all of our crops.30
After that, more space was given to Hosidius. We've had the most land ever since.27
Until next time.23
I am Kandur Hosidius and I am the lord of Hosidius, the city of farmers and chefs. I live here with my wife, Elena, and my two sons, Artur and Pandur.23
Ensuring that Kourend is well fed. We may live in gentle times now but who knows how long it will be that way. Sooner or later another war or long winter will hit us. History has proven that.22
My family and I have a peaceful existence here. That's mainly because I care not for the politics of the other houses. I instead devote my time to more meaningful pursuits.18
Thank goodness he is okay. Please find a way to pursuade him to come home.5
I'm sorry to hear that. If you change your mind please return to me as soon as you can.4
Well go fetch it and bring it here.4